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The Other Side of Lonesome: Lucero’s current tour brings them to The Met

Brian Venable grew up on the self-proclaimed hillbilly country music of Dwight Yoakam and the Dust Bowl sorrows of Buck Owens and the Buckaroos. On a walk home one afternoon in Memphis, Tennessee, he found a stack of vinyl abandoned on a street corner. Hauling the lot home, he listened transfixed as the new-wave whirls […]

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Base Instincts: Burbage’s Edward II turns Marlowe on its head

“All live to die, and rise to fall.” – Christopher Marlowe, Edward II Jeff Church, artistic director of Burbage Theatre Company is quick to explain the context of Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II as a “16th Century playwright” writing a “psychosexual thriller about a gay 14th Century king.” Fans of the intrigues of Game of Thrones […]

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Elizabeth Rush’s Rising: When the storm is on top of us

When Elizabeth Rush arrived in Yangon, Myanmar, in 2008, she dwelled on the former capital’s colonial buildings. For nearly a century, the British Empire claimed and governed the city as Rangoon and its greater territory as British Burma. The independent union, federating more than 100 distinct ethnic groups and languages into seven states, fell with […]

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How Did it All Start? The unromantic roots of Valentine’s Day

On February 14, couples of all ages and backgrounds will participate in the commonly celebrated traditions of Valentine’s Day. Originally a liturgical feast day to celebrate a Christian martyr, the exchange of cards, flowers, sweets and other various tokens of affection will abound. Pledges of love and fealty will be made and in some cases, […]

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25th Annual Langston Hughes Community Poetry Reading: If you had been there. “…you would know why”

The sounds of steel pan, keyboard, bass and vocals poured out of the Providence Career & Technical Academy Auditorium as hundreds of standup citizens glided inside. They were there to hear 67 people present Langston Hughes’ works, as well as experience some surprises. Many attendees returned for a third or 20th visit. Sylvia Ann Soares […]

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Advice from the Trenches: One reader gets the shock of her life

Dear C and Dr. B; I got the shock of my life when I was sorting through some CDs and found one with text files I didn’t recognize. They looked like scripts, but one of the characters had my name, so I started to read and discovered these were “conversations” from an interactive cyber sex […]

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