Internship details – editorial

Internship Opportunities with Motif Magazine

Environment Description:

Motif Magazine is dedicated to the arts and entertainment in RI and surrounding areas, and to bringing readers alternative local news about subjects of all kinds. Motif was established to bring to light some of the amazing music, arts and culture happening around Rhode Island that was escaping coverage by the media. It’s also dedicated to news and investigative reporting that’s not corporate-owned.

The magazine was founded in 2004. Since 2012, Motif has been published by Mike Ryan, who continued in the same spirit, with more focus on making the listings and coverage as comprehensive as possible – online and on paper. In addition to creating a website and Social Media presence, Motif is always developing ideas to enhance brand recognition.

Motif is a free paper, supported in its mission by generous advertisers, and distributed twice a month to over 1,100 locations around RI with a readership of 75,000 or more. Issues are typically kept on hand by readers for up to two weeks


Credit (and passes to some events)


Pawtucket, RI


Two office days per week, 4 hrs each. Depending on internship requirements, interns may do additional hours. Interns should also be covering roughly two events per month and producing stories related to coverage. Precise days and times are very flexible, but we do insist that once a participant has committed to a schedule, they stick to it.

Internships are expected to be 8 weeks, but start and end are negotiable.

Position Description:

Are you a budding journalist interested in the arts and entertainment of Rhode Island? Or are you just really into Rhode Island and want to really dig into what makes the state great? An internship experience with Motif Magazine might be just the thing for you.

Motif takes on several interns each semester to help produce content for both print and online. You’ll write actual articles and be given a choice of assignments, and the opportunity to create some of your own. You’ll also hone your writing skills on listings, and have photo opportunities (if that’s something you wish to pursue). Finally, you’ll be part of the social media team, which touches everything we do.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Research and manage data pertaining to local arts and entertainment events, ensuring accurate representation both online and in print
  • Occasionally write previews for events happening in RI
  • Attend events and network as a journalist working with Motif Magazine. Take pictures and/or video and write short blurbs on what happens.
  • Assist in writing email newsletters.
  • Help in the planning and execution of Motif events, if your internship period overlaps some (there are a half dozen or more per year)


  • College students (undergrad or grad) studying Journalism, English, Writing, Communications, or similar fields
  • Knowledge of standard workplace technology.
  • Excellent writing, editing, and organizational skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • The ability to work independently on projects while meeting deadlines.
  • Self-starter who can take direction and contribute ideas.
  • Previous internship or news writing experience a plus.
  • Working knowledge of WordPress or similar CMS and GoogleDocs ideal but not necessary.

Application instructions:

Please send your resume, cover letter and two writing samples to: getout@motifri.com or admin@motifri.com with Cover Letter & Samples in the Subject line