Keep on Moving: November Is Rocking: Does everyone’s mom live in RI or something?

Muddy Ruckus – From The Floor

Portland’s Muddy Ruckus return to town to celebrate the release of their new haunting single, “From The Floor,” which has this vibe of being unnerving while in perfect harmony. It’s like goth- Americana playing on a loop at the funeral of rock ‘n’ roll. Real and raw, don’t miss them in the flesh. 

Muddy Ruckus and Michael Graham will rock Askew on November 1.

The Schizophonics 

I don’t usually think of Mondays as rocking, but when The Schizophonics are in town, one has to make an exception. The Schizophonics bring it with a psych-garage sound that on tracks like “Battle Line” sounds like a midnight jamboree on brown acid. “Streets of Heaven and Hell” comes off as if the members of the Dead Boys and Paul Revere and The Raiders got mixed up and went to the wrong practice space and formed a new band. If you like any combination of The Sonics, MC5, The Seeds, The Damned and King Khan and The Shrines, you’ll love The Schizophonics! 

The Schizophonics will rock Dusk after Thee Fabulous Itchies Dusk on November 4. The show starts at 10pm, but the party starts at Dusk at 7pm with the weekly Madcap Lineup that always features talented artists.

Ani DiFranco

I’ve admired Ani DiFranco’s DIY punk ethos since I was introduced to her music over 20 years ago. Tunes like “The Million You Never Made” and “Napoleon” combine the poetry of folk musician with the passion of punk rock. DiFranco is famous for eschewing the major label system of the music business and starting her own label, Righteous Babe Records. Over the years, she has released over 20 records and her catalogue is a free-form mix of everything from folk to rock, jazz, punk, spoken word and hip-hop. Check out our interview with her on page XX.

Ani Difranco and Gracie and Rachel will be at The Strand Theatre on November 6. 

Stonefield — Bent (Flightless Records)

I was recently turned onto Stonefield, who draw their inspiration from bands like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. Stonefield has kind of an interesting backstory; the band is composed of four sisters from Australia who formed a psych-metal band. They released their new album, Bent, on King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s label, Flightless, earlier this year, opened King Gizzard’s massive US tour, and are now embarking on their own headlining tour. Some of the album is a little synth heavy for me, but tracks like “If I Die” and “Shutdown” are black magic bangers. My favorite track here is “Dead Alive,” which sounds a little like a spacey Queens of The Stone Age.

Stonefield, The Benji’s and Mad Passenger will rock the FMH Lounge on November 13.

WIRE LINES — Terminal Plus Demo

Earlier this year WIRE LINES released two digital EPs, Terminal and Demo, which they have combined into a full-length CD with a slightly different mix appropriately titled, Terminal Plus Demo. The album explodes out of the speakers with “Blind” in a burst of post-punk tinged hardcore flames.  “Shining Blade” briefly allows a chance to catch one’s breath because it launches into a similar stomp. The combination of the blue collar lyrics in “Traffic” reminds me of what the band Wire would sound like as a Midnight Oil cover band. To stick with the combining bands comparison, “Seven Birds” reminds me of AC/DC being covered by Black Flag. My favorite song title here is “Songs Of Your Idiot Fathers,” which is a brooding post-hardcore ballad against the sins handed down from previous generations.   WIRE LINES hail from New Bedford and are composed of veterans of the music scene. I’m only familiar with vocalist Kevin Grant who previously fronted Gaskill and The Hidden, among others. I’ve always admired Grant’s storytelling and that continues on Terminal Plus Demo between the wistfulness of “Leaves” and the passion on “Thorns.” There is a lot to like here, but one of my favorites is “Volume” with lyrics that “volume is a weapon.” It is a weapon and like Terminal Plus Demo, it is best experienced cranked up.  

Silver Screams, Kuya, Electric Joey, and WIRE LINES rock AS220 on November 14.

The Smithereens with Marshall Crenshaw

I heard The Smithereens were amazing when they came to town last year with Marshall Crenshaw taking over the front man duties for the sadly departed Pat DiNizio. I missed that, but have seen Crenshaw solo multiple times in recent years, and his voice is in great form and he usually has a couple of good stories to tell!

The Smithereens with Marshall Crenshaw rock the Greenwich Odeum in East Greenwich on November 2.  

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band

It doesn’t get any more Rhode Island than this one with John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band. Those Eddie & The Cruisers movies that Cafferty and co provided the soundtrack for may seem like a distant memory, but the Beaver Brown Band is still rocking and sounding great! I caught them about a year or so ago, and it is just a great night of music.

John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band rock the Met Cafe on November 3rd.

Jenny Lewis

There are still a handful of tickets as of this writing to see the former Rilo Kiley frontwoman, so stop reading and get them while you can. Lewis is touring behind her latest album, On The Line, which is stacked with all of her gloriously hook-fueled calling cards.

Jenny Lewis rocks the Columbus Theatre on November 3.  


The starlet of the 1980s mall pop scene returns to perform her two hits and whatever else she does. This show is definitely in the guilty pleasure category.

Tiffany brings the ’80s mall dance party to the Greenwich Odeum on November 7.  

Muck & The Mires

After listing Tiffany, I thought I’d better come back to something cool or I’ll lose whatever last vestiges of cool I have. Muck & The Mires are a ’60s style garage band from Boston who wear snazzy matching suits. This is really the perfect show to hit up if you want redeem yourself after going to Tiffany the night before.

Muck & The Mires, The Gotham Rockets, Tiger Bomb, and Gene Dante and the Future Starletts will rock Alchemy on November 8.  

Neutral Nation – 37th and a half anniversary

Neutral Nation are a rite of passage for anyone trying to follow the Rhode Island punk rock music scene. They are going to play all the same songs that they played 10, 20, 30 years ago. I’m told that this is their last show till spring, but I really have no idea if that is true. The openers on this bill are totally stacked with the always shredding Benny Sizzler and a whole lotta Attleboro!

Neutral Nation, Benny Sizzler, Eric and The Nothing, and Kissing Kontest rock The Met Cafe on November 8.  

The Bruisers

The Bruisers are a street punk band from New Hampshire fronted by Dropkick Murphy singer Al Barr. I prefer The Bruisers to the Dropkicks, but then again I prefer a lot of things to them. This will be a fun punk rock show if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Bruisers, Ramallah, Hammer and The Nails, and Broken Heroes will rock the Music Hall at the FMH Ballroom on November 9.

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