Local Celebs Answer Burning Questions

Corinne Southern, Burlesque Performer, Actress, Musician, “The Shakespeare of Burlesque” & “The Gateway Drug of Providence Burlesque,” corinnesouthern.com 

What’s the weirdest place you ever had sex? In a lake under the midsummer stars with someone I truly love.

If you had to eat something while conjoining, what would it be? I am a traditional romantic — chocolate-covered strawberries, red wine or champagne.

What is your favorite song on your sex playlist? “Soul Love” by David Bowie, something about the lyric “Love descends on those defenseless” always rang my bells.

What is your dream walk of shame? You mean stride of pride? Smiling and wearing fabulously expensive shoes.

How’d you meet your most recent date? We met online (OKCupid) and have been together for almost four years!

What happened on your worst date (the short version)? When I was in high school a boy asked me to a movie. He picked me up and somewhere between my house and the movies. He “got lost” and wanted to park someplace and “talk” (attempt to make out). We chatted for a while, but soon I was starving and hinted at going to get something to eat. He agreed and said he knew a good place; it was a gas station. I told him that wasn’t really what I had in mind and texted a friend to get me out of it. Later that night the friend and I went for a real dinner and ended up dating for several years!

Jennifer Jolicoeur, She-E-OHHH of Athena’s Home Novelties 

What’s the weirdest place you ever had sex? In the ass, I guess. Oh wait, you might mean a location? I was coming home from work and found my husband (who at the time was a mere fiancee) waiting in the driveway of the apartment building that held our 1 bedroom, 450 square foot love nest. I swung open the car door and didn’t even have time to collect my purse. He declared with urgency that he had something important to show me. I followed him quickly and curiously only to find that waiting for me behind the lone tree in our driveway was a fairly conspicuous sexual encounter with him. Luckily for me, I re-emerged free of splinters and no one stole my purse from the front seat of my car.

If you had to eat something while conjoining, what would it be? An Oreo cookie. Licking the creme from between the two chocolate wafers is a threesome of sorts.

What is your favorite song on your sex playlist? Corey Feldman’s “GO FOR IT.” Just kidding. Sade’s “Your Love is King.” 

What is your dream walk of shame? Joan Jett’s hotel room.

How’d you meet your most recent date? He was the boy next door. We’ve been married for 22 years. He took me to Chan’s for our weekly date night. We made out in the parking lot!

What happened on your worst date (the short version)? Long ago, I made the unfortunate mistake of accepting a date with a football jock type. After a movie where I spent 90 minutes in what seemed like a choke hold, he took me back to his mom’s house and showed me his trophies, an album filled with newspaper clippings and then asked if he could finger me. Um no. Please take me home.

Jennifer Kennedy, owner of JMKennedy Dance & Pole Fitness Pawtucket & The House of Mood Burlesque & Cabaret Lounge

1. Sex in the plane

2. A Banana
3. “I wanna lick you from head to toe” by Ludacris
4 Walk of Shame would be= Coming home from a party 7am on the commuting train with commuters on  their way to work (still wearing our nightclub clothes).
5. At a Halloween Party
6. Worst Date= I went out dancing with a guy and he stepped on my feet all night long and acted like I did   not know how to dance.  Nobody else asked me to dance because this guy that I was with acted like he     owned me.  LOL!