Lunar Notes

Aries: While there are a lot of fun and games in your life these days, you cannot avoid certain tasks and responsibilities. An authority figure, or someone who thinks they are an authority, won’t let you forget those tasks.  Not to worry, just do it and get back to the fun. Some changes in what you consider fun add some spice to your life.

Taurus: Life’s roller coaster is full of surprises these days. Be especially careful with messages, appointments and commutes. Wires get crossed easily during this period. Check and re-check. Detours may delay you so give yourself plenty of time. If you are running late, remember to breathe.  It’s not a catastrophe if you’re late.

Gemini: Your activity level increases with a lot of running around town, quick stops and brief but important conversations. Pay attention to those conversations. A simple word here and there contains some important information for you. Paperwork involving money needs to be looked at carefully. Don’t sign until month-end if possible.

Cancer: You discover new ways to handle your resources. This encompasses not only the monetary, but your physical, emotional and spiritual resources as well. Avoid the energy vampires; learn to shield yourself against that drain. Friends bring some excitement into your life.  Enjoy these happy times.    

Leo: Filled with energy, you get ready for change that you will initiate.  Some of may it be to streamline your daily routine, some goes into creative outlets. While you pay attention to the things you must do, you take time to enjoy yourself. Someone is keeping a secret about a relationship or a money deal. It could be interesting when it comes to light.

Virgo:  Your involvement in some behind-the-scenes stuff may get pulled out into the open. Are you ready for that? You may not even care; you’re so busy having fun with your friends and looking at a possible romantic interest. News from afar brings the unexpected into your life. You’re okay with that; change is good.

Libra: Plans for the future occupy your thoughts these days. This is a good time to make those plans. Think big, dream big and try the old wish upon a star thing — anything is possible. Time to plant the seeds for the future. Use your imagination. Consult with friends and colleagues. Listen and learn, but make your own decisions.  

Scorpio:  Folks close to you are acting strange. Their actions swing from the wildly unusual to the stuffy traditional. Don’t try to figure them or things out, just go your merry way and choose some congenial companions to spend your time with. Cultural events appeal and you end up with some simpatico folks.

Sagittarius: The world opens up to you. You’re looking at faraway places and thinking those deep thoughts, opening your mind as well. Big plans may cost big money, so mind the budget. Careful planning will allow you to bring your plans to fruition. A particular conversation plumbs the depths of your subconscious. Heavy stuff there.

Capricorn: Conversations with those close to you venture into realms of fantasy and spirituality. You want to ground this stuff. Earth is your natural element, but you are increasingly open to the mystical. The unusual appeals during this period. While you break away from the traditional, you maintain your connection to reality.

Aquarius: You’re known for going your own way and don’t really care if others want to come along. These days people want to engage with you. You can take it or leave it. You don’t need the company, especially if someone comes on too aggressively. For the most part you will go along if things look interesting and fun.

Pisces: While comfortable with the magical and mystical, these days you’re getting down with the practical, organizing your space and routines. You are still up for some fun stuff and your pals are ready to join you. Despite all your organizing be ready for some disruptions in your routine. Go with the flow.