Lunar Notes

Aries: Relationship concerns peak at the Full Moon. In the lead-up to that Full Moon, some serious conversations take place. Unexpected money concerns may become problematic. Figuring out how to use your resources tops your list. The Aries Full Moon brings it all to fruition and brings a time for you to release a lot of baggage.

Taurus: Much is going on with you. Lots of tidying up and conversations with folks in your everyday world. You need some down time, but may have a hard time squeezing it in. Make the effort to schedule some because you will find it most beneficial. As the Full Moon approaches, secrets are revealed. Whose secrets?

Gemini: Gemini is on a roll. Lots of fun stuff going on with you and your circle of friends. Love affairs, sporting events and creative pursuits are all on the agenda. You cross paths with exciting and different people. All the while, something serious is going on beneath the surface. Get clear about your intentions.     

Cancer: After a period of hibernation, you venture out into the world. Light-hearted and fun things appeal to you. In the course of your travels, you encounter someone who will provide you with tools and ideas for expansion and growth. An unusual friend or acquaintance pulls you into something crazy. You love it!

Leo: Continually busy, you concentrate on getting better organized. You have new ideas and plans that you want to implement. Some of your plans are practical, while others are way out there and very radical. Your creative juices are flowing. You receive encouragement from some and a thumbs down from others.

Virgo: Your questioning has brought you to a new frontier. Conversations begin and you continue to flow into new territory. Deep thinking and complex subjects intrigue you. Be wary of becoming obsessed. Be open to new ideas and concepts. Somewhere down the line, you will incorporate all of this into your life and routine.

Libra:  Pumped and ready for action, you take on all comers. Your usual diplomatic manner is replaced by some incisive speech that gets right to the point with no frills. The truth is important and you are getting it out there.  Some problems or concerns with money and shared resources require attention.

Scorpio: When those around you exhibit shocking and unusual behavior, you remain on a steady course. You speak your mind precisely, but are not quite ready to take action. Some inner probing is required before you make your move. Some serious conversations take place that transform your thinking. 

Sagittarius: Your exuberance is hard to contain, but you find yourself dealing with some harsh realities. Most likely it has to do with money. A little quiet contemplation and careful examination should set things to rights. Unexpected events disrupt the daily routine, but you manage to stay on course.    

Capricorn: Slowly but surely, a sea change has been occurring in your life.  Some happens in the “real” world, while much of it occurs within you and involves how you think and look at things. It’s all brand new. Life leads you in a new direction and some exciting people join the parade, bringing you the novel and the new. 

Aquarius: Between fluky disturbances at home and crazy talk from folks who should know better, you maintain a balance between your most personal and your rather public persona. You are being introduced to different ideas and modes of operating. Prepare now for changes to come.  No worries, you will be ready. 

Pisces: An awakening sparks up your intellect, bringing radical ideas and unusual philosophies into your life. You don’t take anything at face value, but look beneath the surface to get at the nitty-gritty speck of truth. There is no routine left in your life as the unexpected happens every day. Go with it all — you’re good.