Lunar Notes

In August, Mars agitates and aggravates the big three in Capricorn: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. When they were all together in March, we had the big shut down. Mars rules fevers along with other nasty things like war and strife. So, we can expect more violence, strikes and protests as well as a big spike in COVID cases. Jupiter rules law, Saturn rules order and Pluto rules the real big stuff like mass reorganization, disintegration and transformation. Focus on the transformation; don’t let fear (Saturn) rule you. Be hopeful and connect with spirit (Jupiter).   

Aries: Your ruler Mars, at home in Aries, fires you up, bringing a lot of energy your way. Use this energy in a positive way. You anger easily. Stay focused and don’t let what you cannot change aggravate you. Go with the flow. Love, romance and creative activities come your way. Burn off that energy with some healthy exercise. 

Taurus: In this topsy-turvy world, yours has been especially so. Some shocking events have you looking inward. Be aware that your actions may not have the results you expected. Your social life picks up this month and you are busy with some pleasant encounters. You think about changing your life’s direction.  

Gemini: Money issues present problems and you spend a lot of time gathering facts, having conversations and negotiating as you navigate through this morass. You’re quick and agile mentally, which works in your favor. A little monetary help appears. A friend gets a bit aggressive, and you have to talk them down from their anger. 

Cancer: Relationships — the pleasant ones and the not so pleasant ones — take center stage. Some folks are really difficult to deal with at this time. Remember it is their fears that are motivating them. Don’t buy into that. Treat the aggressive and belligerent with a spoonful of honey. They’ll chill out.  

Leo: The Full Moon in Aquarius at the beginning of the month brings relationship issues to the fore. You may want to keep a particular relationship on the down low. Some unexpected events change your direction in life. Give it some thought. The New Moon on the 18th in your sign says it is time for a new beginning. 

Virgo: You really don’t mind all this lock down stuff, but at the same time you manage to engage in some fun, frivolous social engagements. You are not ruled by fear. In your usual efficient way, you gather the facts and then make your decision and act accordingly. You strike the right balance using caution without fear. 

Libra: These past few months have been tough on you, Libra, but they have given you time to reflect and analyze your wants and needs. August is a good time for you to recalibrate your life and shift your goals and perspective. Some pleasant folks help to guide you on your way. There is one not so pleasant who seems to prefer arguments. 

Scorpio: While your range of activities have contracted, you are still able to be constructive and accomplish a great deal. In August, you navigate delicately through your personal and professional life, creating balance. Restriction does not prevent you from thinking and dreaming big. When things get normal, you’ll be ready to move on.

Sagittarius: Despite restrictions, you have had a busy time of it and will continue to do so. You are passionate about something or someone. Go with the flow and see where it takes you. Money matters and the material world play a big role these days. You need to get some of this stuff in order. Get some exercise, you’ll feel better. 

Capricorn: You’re in the midst of a long, slow process of change and transformation.  Some of this is deep and subtle — so much so that you may not be consciously aware of it now. You will see it when you gain some distance. For the short term, expect an uptick in your social life, activity around the home and a bit of excitement.

Aquarius:  A lot of behind-the-scenes, into-the-subconscious stuff has been going on with you. It is like you are cleaning out the dustbin of your mind and emotions, as well as your closets. You’re ready for a breakthrough. In the meantime, conversations, local activity and a bit of craziness on the home front keeps you busy.  

Pisces: Keeping on schedule has been a bit difficult for you because of sudden upsets, unexpected changes and events beyond your control. You will manage to take in some fun by engaging in activities you enjoy. Friends old and new get you out of the doldrums. There could be a light romance on the horizon. Exercise and meditation work well for you.