Lunar Notes

moonAries: Your search for a creative outlet is assisted by a helpful friend and/or a congenial co-worker. This is all part of the process whereby you endeavor to be and express who you really are. There is a strong possibility of a job change or a change in your life’s direction. You want to have some fun as you move along your path.

Taurus: Recent disruptions and interruptions in your life bring you back to your roots and some early childhood memories. These jogged memories tune you into your inner self. As you try to figure out what motivates you, you find some fun, romance and creative self-expression that you share with friends.

Gemini: You search for more information. This search ranges far and wide as well as in your own backyard. You’re wide open and receptive to learning and new experiences. Your most pleasant experiences occur in and near your home base. While you are seeking knowledge, you continue to beautify your surroundings.

Cancer: Challenges to your self-esteem bring questions about how you relate and with whom. Some of those challenges come from a significant other who wants you to play by their rules. You’re having none of it as you discover facets of yourself that you wish to explore and express. They can take it or leave it. You are being you.

Leo: While you are clear and decisive in your thoughts and actions, so are those around you. Their ideas may not be in sync with yours. The best avenue for you is to be clear, concise and logical in your explanation. You may find you are attracted to some luxurious or beautiful item that is beyond the budget. Think before you spend.

Virgo: You, who value the real and concrete, find yourself delving into the spiritual realms. There may be a bit of psychic self-defense going on as some of those around you seem to be going berserk. You exhibit your softer side and in so doing, win them over. They yell and scream and you smile and extend the olive branch. It works!

Libra: Awareness of what the future holds and what it can bring prompts you into making some concrete plans.  This is a good time to reevaluate your goals and direction in life. You have changed and are changing, and what was once important does not seem so important now. Figure out what is, then make your plans.

Scorpio: Expansion and growth require you to listen and entertain new ideas and modes of operation. You are ready to make some big moves, but you feel the need to review what you want and where you are going. Do that. A helpful friend brings some fun and relaxation your way. Take the break, you need it.

Sagittarius: Sick of the routine, you seek ways to shake loose of old habits and rigid ways of thinking. You are beginning to realize the possibilities available to you. Now is an active period in your life, but you manage some quiet time. Some “stuff” is bubbling up from your subconscious that will provide clues to the way forward.

Capricorn: While you stick to the real and concrete in your life, you realize that there is another reality. Something you can’t see, feel and touch, but you sense it. This is new territory for you. Someone unusual and different in your life opens your eyes to some of these new concepts. An exciting person also livens things up.

Aquarius: You want to move forward, but circumstances and your own reluctance hold you back. You know that there is something you are missing and are quite happy to bide your time until you figure it out. Changes in your public and private life require a juggling act. Also, some conversation with a significant other is required.

Pisces: You use your talents and skills to help another. While you’re not sure why you are doing this, you do it because it feels right. While you’re busy with work, a romantic or fun-loving person enters your life. Your daily routine veers far from the routine. Be prepared for a change in plans. This will happen a lot. You will need to be flexible.