Open and Closed


Fab You Us has opened a new playsite for kids whose parents would rather not ferry them all over town for different classes and lessons. They can take music, karate, dance or a variety of other types of classes consecutively — or switch them up if they decide something is not for them. We’re hoping for a dance-off between the karate kids and the flutists. 1420 Mineral Spring Ave, North Providence.

Eagle Smoke Shop: Vapes, hookahs, pipes and more will be landing on Manton Ave — but most likely very few actual eagles, since selling them is illegal. 55 Manton Ave, PVD.

Lauren’s Café: Desserts, including ice cream and cakes, coffee and other beverages, and lunch specials will be featured at this new dining spot that’s both in and on Pawtucket. 542 Pawtucket Ave, Pawtucket.

duneswebDune Brothers: Surprisingly, this has no relation to the science fiction series about giant drugged-out worms. It’s a seafood shack in the DownCity, focusing on local catch and with outdoor picnic table seating for that Westerly/Narragansett vibe without the ride (at least for city folk). Sounded fishy, so we checked it out and it’s delicious. 239 Dyer St, PVD.


The Cable Car Cinema: By the time you read this, they will have shuttered its projectors for good. Known for its soft couches with mysterious depths and for championing films with socially redeeming qualities, art-house aesthetics or local origins, the homey cafe-theater and its can’t-find-it-elsewhere offerings will be sorely missed. The PVD landmark experience reverts to RISD control; we hope the institution will do something inspiring with it that still relates to the larger community. 204 South Main St, PVD.

Ozzi’s Steakburgers: Or Ozzi’s Burger Bar — no matter what you call it, Ozzi has recently left the building. Once called “The Office” and appearing from the outside like a cross between a carousel and a giant gazebo, this joint known for stacking burgers to impossible heights has toppled. 1795 Post Rd, Warwick.

Johnny Granata’s Restaurant & Bar: This space in EG has rotated through a number of styles and names over the last few years. The latest incarnation has been closed for a couple of weeks, as of this writing, due to “unforeseen plumbing issues,” and promises on their website to open again as soon as possible. 11 Main St, East Greenwich.

The Grille on Main: Right up the street from Johnny Granata’s, this esteemed local restaurant has occupied the space for a couple of years, but closed in late May, “Due To A Legal Dispute With Our Landlord…” The great food and service will be missed, and the question is left dangling: “Where will people in East Greenwich eat now?” 50 Main St, East Greenwich.

Hope & Thyme: It was probably a warning sign when, a month after opening, they launched a crowdfunding campaign to “keep the doors open and manage expenses.” In any event, far too soon, the “packaging free” organic food store that followed the ill-fated Fertile Underground has now also returned to the earth. Let’s hope something more organic than Whole Foods is able to spring up in the resulting vacuum. 1577 Westminster St, PVD.