Party Pigs Make Their Grand Return To Dusk

PartyPigsDusk copy
Photo Credit: Denis Rochefort

Saturdays in PVD has a constant theme: there is a crap ton of stuff going on. Sometimes I wish I could have an out-of-body experience so I can catch everything, but unfortunately modern technology hasn’t gotten to that point yet. Last Saturday I was at Dusk for a hell of a rock ‘n’ roll show featuring Neutrinos, The Monsieurs and the long-awaited arrival of Party Pigs after a year-long hiatus.

After a while of sitting around and drinking because no one in PVD arrives to shows on time anymore, Neutrinos from Attleboro, Mass, kicked things off. With a spectacular surf punk sound that exudes constant energy, this power trio started their set for a rifftastic experience while a giant slice of pizza was thrown around the audience. They did run into some technical difficulties at the end of their set, but when Neutrinos are on point they are one of the best punk rock acts in southern New England. Go  catch them when they play Psychic Readings at AS220’s 95 Empire building in PVD on Jul 28 with Native Giant, Pyramid and Eric & The Nothing. It’s bound to be an electrifying evening that you won’t want to miss.

Next up were The Monsieurs from Boston; they had a unique set up with the drummer and guitarist being horizontally parallel to each other, their amps on stands behind them and the frontman pulling up on one of Dusk’s lounge chairs. They have a very fuzzy garage rock sound and the frontman was walking around the entire room singing in everyone’s face. I was hoping some drunken buffoon wouldn’t start a fight over it and thank God it didn’t happen, but with a righteous sound and awesome stage presence I definitely want to take the T up to The Hub one of these days and see The Monsieurs in their home base.

With the crowd at its fullest and the night heading into the late hours, Party Pigs took the stage and rocked Dusk to smithereens. It was my first time seeing drummer Matt Trap and riff ripper Chris Annunziato with a keyboard player and it gave them a more complete sound — a very unique take with the bass coming from the keys rather than the strings. People were head banging and having a blast — definitely a show that was a righteous time for all. With Party Pigs back on the scene, expect them to be playing more shows in the near future. Speaking of shows, Dusk has something going on there nearly every night of the week. Go and check out one of the PVD’s best live music venues and tell Rick Sunderland and the gang I sent you.

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