Providence Roller Derby: A New Season with New Names


From an outsider’s perspective, the 2018 travel season for PRD’s Rhode Island Riveters seemed like a tough struggle, but those close to the league know that after many tough battles, the war was won because a bond full of mutual inspiration between new and veteran skaters formed.

Riveters might have closed out three wins to six losses, but much more was gained.  The Riveters went all-in on the “travel” part, competing in Toronto, Milwaukee and Rome, NY.  Engaging a variety of teams at both the Siege of Central NY and BrewHaHa tournaments helped the league develop their skills and study those of their opponents. The derby attitude — “knock you down and pick you back up” — was revealed in many of the players’ social media posts that showed positive attitudes and mutual admiration.

The Killah Bees (the B-team) acquired two out of four victories, and will now move on to their tournament this August 11-12 at the “All 8 On The Floor” Tournament in Worcester, Mass.

With the travel season wrapping up, now begins the fan-favorite home season. PRD splits into three teams: The Sakonnet River Roller Rats, The Mob Squad and the Old Money Honeys. Each team will take turns battling the other two until the championship in September.

What makes this year so different? First, the past couple of years have seen a huge influx of new and transitioning skaters. Second, regular home season fans are in for a big surprise. Earlier in the year, the league agreed to a season shakeup. That means many of the rosters you have come to know have been scrambled. Some Mob vets will now be rocking the Rats’ pink and green! Some Rats could now be riding Rolls-Royces! Some Honeys might be trading their pearls in for pineapple earrings! Who stayed and who was swapped? Best way to find out is by attending all of the upcoming bouts! Tickets and locations will be announced on ProvidenceRollerDerby.com and on Facebook. For now, save the dates!

Jun 30: Rats vs. Mob; Jul 28: Mob vs. Honeys; Aug 18: Honeys vs. Rats; Sep 22: Home Season Championship Double Header