Album Of The Week: Beat Connection’s Product 3

beatThere’s nothing more seductive and sexy than R&B music. Maybe it’s the adoration they express or maybe it’s their lusty undertones. Statistics have shown that over the past half century, one vital ingredient for two people getting in between the sheets are the sounds of Barry White, Al Green and Marvin Gaye. A band from Seattle that brings that style with a modern touch is Beat Connection and their brand new album Product 3.

There’s an electronic feeling that exudes from Beat Connection; it’s bound to get you in the mood to move. Mix some contemporary pop, Motown soul and ’70s funk and that’s what you get with these guys. The lyrics on all the tracks off of Product 3 are pretty catchy too. It’s accessible for the most part — teeny boppers, college hipsters and even a few elitist music snobs should dig what Beat Connection has going on.

It is pretty interesting how 25 years ago Seattle was putting out completely different stuff. Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Alice In Chains were just making their mark. Now bands like Beat Connection and Pickwick are bringing something new to the table while others like Minus The Bear are still going strong. I guess Seattle’s music scene is just rolling with the changes like everybody else. One thing that’ll never change are my top tracks from the Album Of The Week coming at you, so here they are.

The lead single off of Product 3, “So Good” is the ultimate example of that catchiness I mentioned earlier. The simple guitar riff and the chorus will stay in your head. “Another Go Round” brings an island and Middle Eastern vibe that makes it pretty unique, especially mixing with all the groovy rhythms. One of those love songs that’s a staple for any good R&B track, “Rosealene” exclaims love for the girl of every man’s dreams with an interesting beat coating most of the song.

Beat Connection will roll through Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts, on November 20, which should be a fun time at one of the best live music venues in the Boston area. Get your dancing shoes on too, because it’ll be that type of night. And grab yourself a copy of Product 3 while you’re there. It’s definitely a moves maker and body shaker.

Watch the music video for “So Good” here:

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