All the Feels: Ahdri’s latest track will make fans “Stick Around”

New York singer-songwriter Adriana Lucia Cancelliere, aka “Ahdri,” recently released her 2020 single “Stick Around” three years after her first album. 

Three years back, Ahdri debuted her self-titled album through RI record label Hobo Castle. The ambiance of the record is very folk rock and even includes her own take on Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.” Ahdri said she wants to continue experimenting with her music; lately she has been leaning toward a more R&B and pop rooted sound. 

Ahdri has gone back and forth from li’l Rhody to The Big Apple, gaining listeners in both states. Although she currently resides in New York City, she took time during quarantine to work on her music in Rhode Island.

“Being in New York expanded my interest in new music,” said Ahdri. “I was also influenced by artists I had never heard of, like Turkish-singer Selda Bagcan.” 

Other artists who have influenced Ahdri are Etta James, H.E.R., Billie Eilish and Amy Winehouse. She said she hadn’t really given those artists a chance before and is now obsessed with them. 

Ahdri grew up with musical parents. Her mother was into opera and her father was into punk music. Ahdri landed somewhere perfectly in the middle of both genres. Ahdri emphasizes that she isn’t fully embedded in one genre, which makes us wonder what she’ll put out next.

“I don’t really plan what genre I am doing,” said Ahdri. “I just get a melody in my head, write it and whatever genre it is it is.” 

Ahdri said the meaning in her songs are a mix of true feelings and alligator tears. She said the delivery is intended to be sarcastic and incredibly theatrical. 

“I’m not really into love songs,” she said. “I’m in between reality and my own fantasy world. The message is to just express yourself without caring and reach your higher self without fear.” 

Ahdri mentions one of her newer songs relates to carrying your own destiny. She said it’s not about fate all the time and more about your own free will. As of right now, she is in the works of producing another single in the studio and writing more songs.

Her new single, “Stick Around,” gives you all the feels. It’s her interpretation and mix of different influences. It’s a complete turn from her first album, and definitely a teaser for upcoming music. Her flow stays at a slow tempo, but includes more piano and less folky guitar this time. I would best describe it as a mix of Christina Perri and Adele. The theatrics in her voice complement the melancholy of the song. 

She encourages listeners and followers to stay up-to-date with her social media. Follow her instagram @ahdrimusic and find her music on all streaming platforms. Check out the new single here: youtube.com/watch?v=O4zTv-K1EiY