Summer in the Stars: 2022

Get up early and greet the Sun as it enters the tropical sign of Cancer on Tuesday, June 21 at 5:13am EDT. It’s summer and time to soak up them sunbeams. The chart for that magical moment provides a road map for the season. The indications point to hot, dry and windy weather. Governing bodies, summit conferences and the condition and attitude of the general public are emphasized in this chart. Behind the scenes, negotiations run smoothly while the public debate rages on. 

The New Moon in Cancer on June 28 provides a respite from the heat with gentle breezes keeping us cool. Public opinion fluctuates as we feel the pinch at the gas station and supermarket. The energy of Neptune is strong at this time. Gas, oil, the oceans, booze and drugs are on Neptune’s agenda. With Mars and Pluto in the picture, the key word is explosive, whether natural, man-made or accidental: Keep your hard hat handy. 

At the Full Moon on July 13, opposition is out in the open. The aggressive and argumentative take the floor. Arguments ensue. Keep your cool and try to take the high road in all of this. A sudden downpour or some extreme weather event around this time upsets our plans. Winds, weather and earthquaky stuff impact agriculture and once again the public must deal with the fallout.

The New Moon on July 28 brings us into Leo territory. Mercury, Saturn and Uranus are in an uneasy configuration. Electrical storms, traffic accidents, shocking news and events occur around this date. Land, values and productivity suffer under Saturn’s influence. When Mars tangles with Uranus on August 1, be ready for the fireworks leading up to and beyond that date. Explosive is the keyword. Don’t run the red light. 

The Full Moon on August 11 brings in the fog, literally and figuratively. Nothing and no one is clear on any subject. Mars and Saturn square off and the energy of these two can be quite unpleasant. Fluctuation in the stock markets requires expert advice. On a personal level, you get the feeling that someone is trying to “keep you in line,” which may require restrictions placed upon you. Get clear on what is important to you and proceed from that point.

The Virgo New Moon on August 27 brings those relationship issues to the forefront once again. Here, money and values are the important points. Confrontations force us to consider how we value ourselves. Shift the energy from confrontation to conversation and the exchange of ideas. Meaningful dialogue will save the day.

At the Full Moon on September 10, Mercury turns retrograde. Mercury is the big dog at this time. In addition to ruling news and information, Mercury rules trains, boats, planes and all kinds of transportation. If you have been putting off having that conversation, put it off no longer. Be on the lookout for the “big bluff,” someone who promises more than can be delivered. Scrutinize everyone and everything. Learn all you can in order to make an informed decision. 

The summer season presents us with a mixed bag of energies. Some dates of note are July 1, August 1 and August 7. The energies build during the weeks surrounding these dates. The indications point to volatility, intensity and explosive actions and events. September 9 Mercury goes retrograde until early October: Be sure to clear your desk beforehand.