Tiny Treasure

A small gift

Something we say about a heartfelt present

Or used to describe one that provides, guides and uplifts

My mama Educates

My mama Motivates

As of late you have been that *constant*

Keeping me rooted in faith

Encouraging me to stay in the race

Like a lioness stalks her prey, 

You chase the chance to deliver God’s praise

You’ve been my glimmer of hope

During the darkest of days

So today, you, your life, 

Your legacy

Is what we want to celebrate

 And if you didn’t know, your wisdom Elevates

Don’t play 

You rule with that iron fist in a velvet glove

Discipline sometimes can hurt

But it makes sense when done in love

I try to recall the lessons from my youth

And apply them as I try to raise these youths

But Mama, ain’t nobody as good at that as you

Mama ain’t raise no fools!

Every year in my youth I attended Mama Williams Summer School

Blessed with beauty immaculate and expansive knowledge

And made sure all of your children at least applied to college

Tho We ain’t all graduate

We ain’t have to, to tell the truth

We had every bit of wisdom needed in a woman of integrity like you

So everybody on this Zoom, 

It’s my pleasure,

To present to you

This tiny treasure

Mama I love you