Winter in the Stars: What does astrology say the season holds for us?

This year on December 21, 2020, the Sun enters Capricorn and winter begins with a bang. Tough guy Mars squaring off with the great destroyer Pluto sends an ugly signal highlighting strength, power, greed and obsession. Pluto can transform, but he often does it with a wrecking ball. At this Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn form their all-important conjunction. 

For centuries, this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, often referred to as the Great Conjunction or Great Chronocrator, has been a reliable indicator of economic, social and political trends. This 20-year cycle is a cycle within a cycle. For approximately 200 years, the conjunction between these planets occurs in the same element, Earth, Air, Water or Fire. When this cycle changes elements, it is called the Great Mutation. For the past 200 years, these Great Conjunctions have occurred in the element of Earth. The Earth emphasis is on the material: property, the production of goods and physical boundaries. At the solstice, when they meet again, it will be in the Air sign Aquarius. The change of elements from Earth to Air heralds a huge societal shift. We may not see what it means when it happens, but change is in store. The element of Air, and especially Aquarius, places emphasis on the collective, collaborative efforts, ancient wisdom. Personhood replaces Brotherhood. Science and abstract ideas float through the atmosphere. 

The Full Moon on December 29, 2020, has Venus tangled up with Neptune creating an alluring illusion. Escapism leads the parade, bringing fun stuff and viewing the world through rose-colored glasses, especially in the areas of love and money. If you are not in church on your knees or searching for the Holy Grail, Neptune will lead you down the primrose path. Beware of drugs and alcohol; they’ll sneak up on you during this time.  

Our feet are on the ground at the New Moon of January 13, 2021, with Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn prefers careful money management. In love, Venus here is slow to start romantically, but in the long run can bring a lasting relationship.  

The First Quarter Moon on January 20, 2021, falls on Inauguration Day.  Mars is up to no good. He joins forces with Uranus. Uranus is the great awakener, the big game changer. These two together can signal violence, upsets and explosive action; volcanic and earthquaky types of things. It’s not pretty. Looking at things differently, Uranus rules the latest technology while Mars rules fevers, inflammation, and the old timey ague. A scientific breakthrough is possible. No matter how you shake it, look for the unusual on this Inauguration Day 

The Full Moon on January 28, 2021, tells us we are not out of the woods yet.  The death rate, finances and debt dominate the news cycle. Venus with Pluto warns us not to become obsessed. Know when to let go.  

The New Moon on February 11, 2021, continues the emphasis on debt, finance, etc. At this time, fickle Venus has moved along into Aquarius and now snuggles up to Jupiter. Venus in Aquarius wants to be friends, first and foremost. Before, during and after any love affair or romance, she wants to be and to remain friends. Hanging out with Jupiter she has no problem spending money. Whether she has it or not. Spend, spend, spend. We may find Congress doing the same. 

After all that spending the “Budget” rears its pesky little head when the February 27, 2021, Full Moon rolls around. Venus has wandered off into Pisces where she doesn’t care about money or art, she’s looking for her soul mate and she’s sure she found him. Someone needs to open her eyes. Mars is now making nice-nice with Pluto, so perhaps some of those tough money, tax and insurance issues can be resolved. 

A new attitude prevails at the New Moon on March 13, 2021. The emphasis on Pisces prompts us to charity, spirituality and oh yes, escapism. Be very careful with news and information, check the sources, read and listen to all viewpoints. It is easy to get bamboozled with the energy that is around during this period. Public opinion ricochets from one point of view to another. Traffic, transportation and students add to the noise. Do your research. 

The Winter Solstice chart indicates a time of finishing up, carrying out some final tasks before being able to move forward. Often, when we move from one phase to another, the road gets a bit bumpy. Stand your ground with an open heart.