Lovecraft Writing Contest Winner

You guys are sick. When we put out a call for entries into our Lovecraft art and writing contest, we had no idea what horrors lurked in your minds. Consider us enlightened.

Congratulations to our writing contest winner, Dylan Ingham, for his story titled “Starry Stan,” and to our art contest winner, “The Stars Align,” by Aaron White (page 4). Our runners-up in the fiction contest are:
“It Won’t Be Ignored” by J L. Metcalf,
“The Ever-Ending World” by Kent J. Starrett
“The God Spot” by Shad Fagerland
“Ghoul of Providence” by Mike Slater
Congratulations! Honorable mention goes to “Bring the Children Home, Lord Cthulhu” by Andrew Stewart. You can read all of these stories at

Our Judges:

Peter Larrivee

Gray Bouchard

Ann C. Davis

Vincent H. O’Neil

Mark Fogarty

Fallon Masterson

Steven Porter

Crimson Al-Khemia

Michael Bilow

Emily Olson

Mike Ryan

And view our Lovecraft Artwork Runner ups:

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