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Phillipe & Jorge

Phillipe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: Nailed it!: Your superior correspondents know food when they see it

Out-thunk During the COVID pandemic, no governor has surpassed Gina Raimondo or New York’s Andrew Cuomo in carrying out hard-assed plans. We are all familiar with Gigi’s now-famous “Knock it off,” and Cuomo seems to take some of his better moves from Raimondo’s playbook. Cuomo is also far from shy. In a recent article, one […]

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Eyes on the Prize: Is Gina looking toward Washington?

Gina Is Tops Biggest Little governor, Gina Raimondo, has been doing a fabulous job of leadership during the coronavirus crisis. Earlier challenges like the Blizzard of ‘78 and the banking crisis pale in comparison. Governors Garrahy and Sundlun both performed well, but this is a health pandemic of epic proportion.  Your superior correspondents are deeply […]

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Nice Goin’, Gigi!: The gov’s daily briefings tell it like it is

Permanent Press While Phillipe and Jorge have been critical of Governor Gigi Raimondo in the past for her imperious attitude, we must give her tons of credit for how she has handled the coronavirus pandemic here in Little Rhody through her daily press conferences. And while time-consuming, we urge her to continue her daily briefings […]

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Washing Our Hands of It: Your superior correspondents are hoping for no whammies this primary season

A Quick Political Note Your superior correspondents do not believe the rumor (the one we’re starting right now) that the Democratic National Committee has decided that the best way to defeat the Orange Orangutan (aka Stable Genius) in the 2020 election is to go with an all-game show TV ticket of Steve Harvey for president […]

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It’s Only a Game: Sports dominate the news while the government circles the drain

Stoopid Bowl Through her wonderful generosity, our lovely and talented editor, Emily Olson, allowed P&J to get as close to Super Bowl coverage as possible. This was achieved by the gentle touch of two Glocks to our foreheads, which from suspense novels, crime movies and TV, Phillipe and Jorge find quite persuasive. So forgive any […]

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Tune Your Televisions To: Your superior correspondents announce a new broadcast extravaganza

Required Viewing Phillipe and Jorge are extremely excited about the offer by as yet-to-be-revealed local TV station to host a mid-morning talk and variety show, “The Cool, Cool World.” This high-end production has already been tabbed “the most exciting viewing in Rhode Island” by one of Little Rhody’s leading magazines (Motif) who hope truth in […]

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A Brief (Or Lengthy?) History of Phillipe and Jorge: Your superior correspondents celebrate 40 years in print

It seems amazing, especially to your superior correspondents, that the Cool, Cool World entered its 41st consecutive year of publication with the advent of 2020. This is a record for a journalistic column in The Biggest Little, of which we are both proud and astounded. If there is a key to Phillipe and Jorge’s success, we […]

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Phillipe & Jorge’s Cool, Cool World: No Deal!: Your superior correspondents decline to join the mall zombies

Blacked Out If you are like Phillipe and Jorge − and probably blessedly not so − we have now had it up to our eyeballs with Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday, month-long Black whatevers, and any other promotion on to which retailers can slap the name “Black.” Even the dulling effects of […]

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