Internship Opportunities

Are you a college student looking for real-life experience in the field of journalism, communication studies or film? Motif Magazine hosts interns during the Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer semesters.

Send inquiries to Rob at

See what some past interns have to say…

“Taking part in a wide variety of local cultural, musical, and artistic events ranging from anywhere between the Providence LGBT Pride Parade, Roller Jam, and beer tastings (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE, IF YOU ARE 21!), to fundraisers, classic car shows, and concerts – all for free! Seriously! What do you get? Experience. And that is something you cannot put a price on.”


“I had always had the mindset of working on camera, as a reporter or a news anchor.  However I am happy to say that this experience has changed my mind and made me consider other options for my future.”

Thank you for embracing my weirdness, Motif!”

“While at Motif I wrote so much for the website and I feel like my writing has improved a lot. One of my articles is even going to be featured in the Fall Guide!”

“Working at a small publication allowed me to get hands on experience and do so much more than get coffee (I got to drink coffee instead).”

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Some Sample Videos…