Advice From the Trenches

Labels? Instincts? Stereotypes?: One reader questions their knee-jerk reactions

Dear C and Dr. B; The issue of stereotypes and profiling has taken over the news – Black people and people of color are perceived as greater threats, wherever they are or whatever they are doing – and cops are feared by Black people and people of color as a matter of course. Then there are […]

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Rage Mode: One writer asks how to deal with rage

Dear C and Dr. B; This morning I woke up to news stories of violence and looting in downtown Providence. It shocked me to the core to see this happening in my own city – people breaking into the newly reopened Providence Place Mall, breaking store windows along Westminster and trashing businesses that people worked […]

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Outdoor Etiquette: With so many people taking to the great outdoors, manners are even more important

Dear C and Dr. B, With the restriction of the coronavirus lockdown, the only fun thing left for people to do is get out and explore all the parks and conservation lands that have remained open. What I cannot understand is why people leave their garbage all over. The worst part is those dog poop bags. […]

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A Difference of Degrees: Osteopathic versus allopathic medicine

When choosing our health care, the distinctions between traditional western medicine and alternative care are clear – the approach for each is very different. What most of us don’t realize is that within the same general category of western medicine, licensed physicians can have either an MD (doctor of allopathic medicine) or a DO (doctor […]

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