Advice From the Trenches

Psycho Sister: Dealing with the irrational

Dear C and Dr. B: My sister is an inflexible person and she flies off the handle if we are discussing a topic and I don’t agree with her. She tends to have very negative opinions based on her own social prejudices, like, “EVERYONE on unemployment now is just a lazy freeloader, there’s tons of jobs.” […]

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Alexa The Ho: Creepy AI Hits on Hubby

Dear C and Dr. B.: I wasn’t really worried until this morning, but now I’m not sure. My husband Steve spends an inordinate amount of time talking to this speaker thing called “Alexa.”  It answers questions, it relates news, reads stories, tells jokes, and plays music. What he likes most is when she does sports trivia. Not […]

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Slow Your Roll: One reader wants to know if marijuana is a help or hindrance

Dear C and Dr. B; I see people all around me who have various habits, all of which could be considered problem vices in a certain light. For instance, marijuana. But some people seem to be able to use it responsibly. I’ve known many adults who manage to hold jobs, raise kids, and drive their […]

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Is it Depression or Is Life Hard?: One reader wonders if her antidepressants are necessary anymore

Dear C and Dr. B; I am 61 and have been on antidepressants over 20 years. I am doing well and feel fine these days, but does depression ever really go away? I mean on its own? I ask because my mother was depressed when I was a kid and there were no antidepressants back […]

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