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Advice From the Trenches

Changing Stations: One reader shares workspace with a bigot. What should he do?

Dear C and Dr. B; I work on an assembly line. It’s a hard, brainless job but I believe in the “whistle while you work philosophy.” Why be miserable, right? But not everyone there shares my thinking. George, the guy next to me, is miserable. And he seems to want to spread his misery to […]

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Love Triangle: Her boyfriend’s married sister is into her roommate. Now what?

Dear C and Dr. B; I’m caught in the middle of someone else’s love triangle and don’t know what to do. Kendra and I have shared an apartment 5 years. Neither of us have a steady relationship, but we both date. She’s a real hottie, but she is respectfully hands off when it comes to […]

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