Turning a School Bus into Home, Sweet Home: Local woman escapes the rent economy for a home on wheels

Skyrocketing in popularity in the last year, TikTok is widely known as an app for Gen Z to learn dances and lip sync along to their favorite songs. For 26-year-old Ashlee Moffitt in West Warwick, it’s the app that got her 11 million views for buying a school bus and planning to live in it.  […]

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Homegrown Art: Creativity abounds in this gallery and nursery mash-up

Homegrown is an unexpected oasis on Providence’s East Side. Inside this unassuming building on Gano Street you’ll find airy, white-walled rooms, fragrant with greenery. An elegantly limned hummingbird and vine mural by artist Mary Linberg hovers on the wall above a display table lined with exotic plants and bonzai pots created by artist Paul Olson. […]

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Good Trouble: The Womxn Project mixes art with activism in their latest installation series

Art + Activism = artivism. And these artivists are coming from The Womxn Project, a non-profit organization focused on building a feminist, community-based movement to further human rights. Their form of artivism is to display words on businesses around Rhode Island to send a message – one that the community is feeling and one that […]

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Summer in the City

PVDFest is an annual event that typically transforms The Creative Capital into a boisterous celebration of art and culture. Unfortunately, the dumpster fire that is 2020 necessitated its cancellation this summer. But PVDFest’s commitment to public art hasn’t wavered. People out taking a socially distanced stroll through the city’s streets might have noticed three pieces […]

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My Rhode Island: Photographer and physician Howard Schulman discusses his exhibit

We spoke with Howard Schulman, MD, whose photography show, My Rhode Island, is currently on exhibit at BankRI in downtown Providence through September. Cathren Housley (Motif): Which came first, the photographer or the doctor? Howard Schulman: As far as composing pictures and capturing things I’ve seen, that was definitely something that started after I became […]

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