Art in the Public View: Walking through RI’s street scenes

Shortly before an array of computer printouts and hand-written notes announcing business closures and curbside pickup policies presented a kind of collective commentary on COVID-19 along North Main Street, somebody spray painted a plea on an undeveloped lot near Rhode Island School of Design’s administration building: “PUT SOME ART ON THIS WALL!” For months, the […]

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Relishing the Reliquarium: From humble beginnings, the art community is staying strong

Six years ago, Ivy Ross and Logan Will were uprooted due to Boston’s crackdown on the city’s underground art scene. They found themselves an abandoned mill at 15 Moshassuck Road in Lincoln. The place was in a bit of disrepair, inhabited by squatters and people using drugs. From this, these passionate artists have carved out […]

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A GLASS BLOWN FAMILY AFFAIR: Owning a store is a dream come true for Levitation’s father-daughter team

Levitation Gallery & Smoke Shop opened their doors in a Seekonk strip mall five years ago this month. This half-decade anniversary serves as a testament to Jonathan and Taylor Foster’s dedication to working together as a father-daughter team to provide a comfortable environment and showcase their love of both glass and family. “It’s a family […]

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If Wallpaper Could Talk: Reihana’s in Pursuit of Venus [infected] tells old stories with new perspectives

The minute I stepped into the large empty room of the exhibit, I was blown away by the size of it. I was instantly intrigued by the large moving screen of a painting of a Pacific island projected on the wall. In the foreground were people walking around and interacting with each other in the […]

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Peace is in the Air: 1,000 origami cranes empower Hope Artiste Village visitors

In December, The Empowerment Factory (TEF) debuted their latest art installation in Hope Artiste Village, located in Pawtucket, and it features 1,000 paper cranes – all in a flight pattern – flying as though they’re in a flock. The inspiration for the 1,000 Cranes was brought into the limelight when a two-year-old child survived the […]

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