On the Cover

Before you flipped to this page, you probably noticed our illustrated cover. It’s evocative of a simpler holiday season of yore, before the consumerism and capitalism drove us to the egg nog, before we ever knew that our party-hardy brother-in-law existed, and back when the idea of “holiday dinner” provoked thoughts of eating said dinner […]

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Walking in Providence: A 24 Hour Special Edition!

The first 24 Hour Comics Day took place on August 31st, 1990, when cartoonists Scott McCloud and Steve Bisette dared each other to create a full-length, 24-page comic in the span of a single day. The challenge quickly gained traction among comic artists both pro and amateur, eventually growing to become a loosely officiated, international […]

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WALKING ALONE: an interview with artist Stephen Gervais

Before Netflix, illustrator Stephen Gervais gave a fresh look to Shirley Jackson’s furiously frightful novel The Haunting of Hill House. Stephen has captured in graphite the walls that continued to stand upright, the floors that remained firm, every door sensibly shut, and not to disturb the silence that lies steadily against the wood, but most […]

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Art on the Walk and on the Wall: A walking tour of Providence and a gallery show at Sprout

Two Art events just popped up on our feed… Providence Art Walk Gallery Night is offering a series of family friendly walking tours of Public Art in Downtown Providence on Saturday, September 25 at 11 am, 1pm and 3pm. The tour should take about two hours. Find details and links to reserve a slot […]

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Artivism that Illuminates: The Womxn Project Makes History Present

Did you know that CVS has donated more than $70,000 to politicians in Texas who support anti-abortion and anti-justice legislation? The Womxn Project is calling them out with a grassroots activism campaign that encourages making a protest sign, and posting a picture in front of a CVS. The Womxn Project is a 501(c)4 non-profit that […]

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Simply Divine: Bert Crenca’s newest collection serves as tribute to his home town

In Umberto Crenca’s newest collection, Divine Providence, it is difficult to tell where the artist leaves off and the city begins. These paintings have been a labor of love – his tribute to the streets he has always called home. Crenca grew up on Chalkstone Avenue, the son of immigrants who worked in factories all […]

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The Biggest Festival in the Smallest Town: The Collaborative Presents the 5th annual Warren Folks Festival

When The Collaborative’s executive director Uriah Donnelly talks about the upcoming Warren Folks Festival happening August 28, his excitement and love of all things art shines through. He, along with a small but mighty team, have put together a festival that is counting down the days to burst onto the streets of Warren. If you’re […]

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