Perennials, Part VI

Black girl magic And the mystical magical negro They sound relateddon’t they? When you dig more deeply though, you realize that Black girls labeled magic are recognized for the way they marry Intellect, flexibility and accomplishment.  The magical negro is viewed skeptically for the way they display these same things assumed to be fixed when the evidence shows flexible, knowledgeable when learning is constantly being soughtand satisfied as though accomplishment Only comes in singles.  Hugs to all […]

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Nicolella, Gamache named youth poetry ambassador, deputy: Annual appointments resume in 2022 after pandemic hiatus

Lourdes Nicolella of the Moses Brown School has been selected as youth poetry ambassador and Adi Gamache of the Met School has been selected as deputy youth poetry ambassador for 2022 by Poet Laureate Tina Cane, the RI Center for the Book announced in a statement. Adam Fontaine of Smithfield High School and Cyprus Weaver […]

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Omarion Cometh

“I’m here!” Door banging, stomping sneakers,  Loud shouts, Not the Inside Voice. Be Quiet T-shirt flung into a dark corner, Towel airborne, dirty shoes kicked — one here, one there Soon to be hunted. Be Still Water running, splashing waves, air gushing, Window slamming, then Silence. Outside, heads hurting,  Sore throats, raspy coughs, night sweats, […]

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High School Student Poets: Apply to be RI youth poetry ambassador

UPDATE: Results announced Seeking a youth poetry ambassador for 2022, the RI Center for the Book invites applications from high school students who reside in RI. State Poet Laureate Tina Cane will select an ambassador and deputy ambassador with results announced in January 2022. “This initiative is designed to bring more poetry directly to […]

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The Craftsman

He planned to fashion wind chimesfrom their chipped long bones and dried sinews.So many years spent in preparation —he imagined the night breezes of autumnproducing a wild dark dance betweenulna, femur, and radius.An elegy, a lament,           a lullaby. And he did. In unlit cornersof his soundless basement. He carved,drilled, screwed, and strung.But […]

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