There are no upcoming events at this time.


  • Fashion Revolution Providence

    A week dedicated to sustainable fashion and eco-friendly practices within the fashion industry. Events around town include random acts of modeling and a discounted fashion stop trail map, with a capstone event on April 25. See @fashionrevolutionpvd for complete details.

    April 19 @ 8:00 am - April 25 @ 5:00 pm
  • Poetry Showcase

    It’s National Poetry Month, and What Cheer Writers Club presents this showcase of local poet’s work. 5pm. Online only @

    April 23 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Gotta Be Mandi: Alternative rocker Mandi Crimmins explores self-acceptance with new song “Anyone But Me”

If you’ve never met Mandi Crimmins, you wouldn’t know how iconic her deep scarlet locks are in her grunge-but-trendy aesthetic. That’s why in the video to her recent release, “Anyone But Me,” viewers initially see only brief flashes of her “alter ego” alongside the blonde, preppy version of herself that, in reality, couldn’t be any […]

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Mixing It Up With Skylar Batz: This local artist is comfortable on stage and behind the scenes

Ranging from dance music to soft emotional ballads, music by Skylar Batz has all the glittering potential of a six-ring circus. As a current student of Berklee School of Music, she’s been learning all the ins-and-outs of production for a while now, but her artistry extends far beyond the mixing board. Heading up the new […]

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A Rather Nice Interview: Local band Rather Nice discusses their latest release

Rather Nice is an indie pop rock band composed of lead singer Joe Johnson, guitarist Mike Tenreiro, bassist Nick Reagan and drummer Oliver Littlefield. Together, they write tunes that are equal parts melodic and quirky, while assigning new feelings to familiar emotions. My favorite songs off their latest release Volume 1 have to be “Diversions” […]

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Season Two of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Apocalypse: The light in the darkness

As spring rolls around in the underground, glimmers of hope abound with vaccines, warmer weather and the gradual return of live music! On the negative is the return of mass shootings, but that is another conversation for another place between people who don’t listen to each other. One of the bright spots of the pandemic […]

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Jack Downey Says Hello: Wave Goodbye frontman on where creativity and technology collide

As the solo member of indie-rock project Wave Goodbye and self-proclaimed clone of Harrison Reed Dolan (the drummer of alt-rock band grizzlies.), Jack Downey wears many hats — drummer, bassist, guitarist or vocalist. He juggles all of these roles with ease, and presents his stories with poetry. His latest EP, summer, tackles the feeling of […]

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Still Spinning: Twin Foxes and Gnarnia

Twin Foxes – Broken Bell Broken Bell is the new full-length from Providence rock band Twin Foxes. The album features Andrew Fortin on bass and Mann solidly performing almost every other instrument. It has a more minimalist feel than their 2018 full length, Sleeping on the Attic Floor, which featured straight-to-the-point aggression. Here, the band […]

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Creating Unity in Community: How PVD performers create connection in virtual space and what they’ll take with them into physical space

When I sat down (virtually), with three Rhode Island musicians, I had no idea their takeaways from navigating pandemic life would overlap as much as they did. For all three, Dylan Block-Harley, Chachi Carvalho and Roz Raskin, what’s most important is creating art and community in Rhode Island and beyond. This three-article series explores how having […]

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