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On the Cover

Before you flipped to this page, you probably noticed our illustrated cover.It’s evocative of a simpler holiday season of yore, before the consumerism andcapitalism drove us to the egg nog, before we ever knew that our party-hardybrother-in-law existed, and back when the idea of “holiday dinner” provokedthoughts of eating said dinner instead of the logistics […]

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Phillipe and Jorge’s Cool Cool World: Greta changes in climate & deforming RI schools

Out of the Mouths of Babes… We all now live in The World of Lies. Past and recent exemplars of this are: “The check’s in the mail”; an extremely obscene promise concerning oral sex; anything issued by the Pentagon; and, of course, anytime Donald Trump’s lips are moving.  But right up there are the most […]

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Squid’s Ink Holiday Gift Guide: Not that we’re being greedy…

This month, since we were already on the naughty list, we hacked Santa’s database and discovered what some of our public officials and institutions are asking for this Christmas… Gifts for the Politicians Buddy Cianci wants another comeback. He’s thinking Governor again this time, figuring he couldn’t be any deader than Dan McKee. US House […]

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Give the Gift of the Green Stuff: Jordan’s Jungle has great gifts for plant enthusiasts

Plant parents have one thing in common: They always get excited about adding more greenery to their collection. In a time when saving the environment is a top priority for so many Earth-conscious individuals, a plant is often the perfect gift.  Jordan’s Jungle in Pawtucket describes itself as a 10,000-square-foot “tropical oasis for all plant […]

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Hands from Heaven: Athena’s Home Novelties saves your dry hands

Last year, hand sanitizer was a popular not-really-a-joke gift. This year, you can make up for it with a locally produced and sold magic hand formula. Dry, chapped hands can be painful, especially during the COVID era of extra handwashing and sanitizing.  Instead of grabbing some chemical-filled concoction from the local drugstore, if you’re looking […]

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More Fantastic Than Umbrellas: Charlestown’s Fantastic Umbrella Factory Inspires and Delights

The Fantastic Umbrella Factory in Charlestown describes itself as “a 19th century farmyard shopper’s paradise and international bazaar.” Understandably, we thought this sounded pretty cool.  Stop by the South County complex to visit a number of local artisans, including Small Axe Productions, selling domestic and imported gifts, musical instruments and more; The Purple Shell, an […]

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Open and Closed: December 2021

Open Aguardente: 12 Governor St, PVD. This Portuguese-inspired little spot is a welcome addition to Fox Point’s bustling food scene. See story at Bellini: 90 Westminster St, PVD. Fine Italian dining and a members-only rooftop bar inside the Beatrice Hotel.  Bonanno: 256 Atwells Ave, PVD. A new Fed Hill dig featuring small […]

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