Rob Smith

Baring Our Cupboards: How will proposed changes to food assistance affect Rhode Islanders?

At the tail end of last year, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank released its hunger facts and figures going into 2020, which say that 11% of households (47,700) statewide are unable to afford adequate food, and 4.7% of them go hungry. There are 148,000 Rhode Islanders enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), […]

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Get Insured!

This time of year doesn’t just mean insufferable family gatherings and awkward workplace gift swaps. November 1 marked the start of the open enrollment period in Rhode Island. Li’l Rhody’s uninsured population is in the single digits. Head on over to to check out plan options and get quote. Remember you have until DecEMBER […]

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Letting the World Change: Reproductive justice activist Tiara Mack is running for state senate

“Why not here? Why not now?” says Tiara Mack. “We are consistently waiting for the world to change for us and we are not being the people to put forth the action to let the world change.” Election Day 2020 is still 14 months away, but some candidates are already getting started. Reproductive justice activist […]

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The Man Versus the Mythos: How do we deal with Lovecraft’s bigotry?

We need to talk about Howard Phillips Lovecraft. He was enormously sexist and xenophobic, and his bigotry isn’t the subtext — it’s right there, front and center. His letters reveal that he believed in phrenology for much of his life and feared the intermingling of cultures until his death. His story “The Horror at Red […]

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Protecting Sex Workers: An update on recently introduced legislation

It’s been more than eight months since the police led a raid to steamroll the Foxy Lady, and the Christmas season shutdown ignited a more honest conversation about sex workers than has ever before occured in RI. The Providence Board of Licensing revoked all the Foxy’s business licenses, forcing it to close. The Foxy fought […]

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