Rob Smith

These Hallowed Halls: SROs teach kids how to be afraid in school

Students won’t be the only ones going back to school this fall. When the bell rings, dozens of police officers also will enter school buildings as student resource officers (SROs). On paper, they’re employees of the local police department, responsible for maintaining safety and teaching law-related topics, but activists have long alleged their presence in […]

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A Closed Door: The eviction moratorium expired, and people aren’t getting relief fast enough

The nationwide eviction moratorium expired last month, leaving thousands of Rhode Islanders at risk for becoming homeless. The moratorium, issued early in the pandemic by the CDC, halted landlords from forcibly evicting tenants until the protection expired. Congress appropriated billions of dollars meant for rental assistance, but only a fraction of the money has made […]

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Meeting of Minds: RI Theater Coalition hosts its first meeting to address sexual impropriety

Leaders of Rhode Island’s theaters and theater community gathered in person and on Zoom for more than two hours on July 26 to address weaknesses in their internal processes and policies that have allowed incidents of sexual harassment and abuse to occur in the community. The meeting included a panel discussion and loose roundtable discussion […]

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Lens Flair: RI street photographers see the city through a different view

Local photographers are changing the ways we see Providence, making an old New England capital feel new again through the time-honored practice of street photography. Almost as long as there have been cameras, people have been pointing them at city streets, iconic architecture and pedestrians. “What I love about street photography is you can do […]

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Epic Theatre Company AD Kevin Broccoli Accused of Sexual Impropriety: Epic to freeze all current and future performances

Epic Theatre Company founder and Motif contributor Kevin Broccoli was accused of sexual assault earlier this week, allegations found credible by an investigation conducted by Epic’s executive director Megan Ruggiero, general manager Lauren Pothier, and associate artistic director Angelique Dina. Broccoli is not stepping down from his position within the theater company, so that he […]

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Indefinite Postponement: Stage lights go dark on Invoice

Invoice for Emotional Labor, slated to be the latest production from Wilbury Theatre Group, has been indefinitely postponed, artistic director Josh Short confirmed to Motif Tuesday evening. The cancellation comes on the heels of sexual assault accusations against the show’s playwright and star, Christopher Johnson. The accusations appeared recently on locally focused social media groups.  […]

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Weighty Issues: McKee’s wide-ranging weekly press conference

Governor Daniel McKee and Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos fielded questions from the press today on all manner of non-pandemic issues. It’s the governor’s third such press conference, a step he views as one toward bringing the state back to normal. It’s a step different from his predecessor, former Gov. Gina Raimondo, who was notably inaccessible […]

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Slow Return to Normalcy: A summary of the governor’s May 13 press conference

State leaders continue to edge the Ocean State further back to normalcy. At today’s COVID-19 press briefing, Governor Dan McKee announced “not a single city or town has had more than 200 cases per 100,000 people this week.” Vaccine eligibility was opened to even younger cohorts this week, as children and teens aged 12-15 years […]

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