• The Carol Burnett Show & Cabaret

    Carol Burnett comedy skits featuring all the beloved Newport Playhouse actors.

    April 3 - June 30
  • The Neurodiversity Everywhere!: Spring 2022 Tour

    Multiple locations throughout RI, multiple times. Featuring two performances xxx and utilizing a mobile stage, STE presents a show that is inclusive and representative of neurodiversity.

    April 22 - May 28
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    The fairy king and queen are feuding, a band of wannabe actors are rehearsing and chief mischief-maker Puck is doing all he can to ensure that the course of love is anything but smooth in this Shakespearean comedy classic.

    May 5 - May 29
  • 13 Past Midnight

    A millionaire producer of a soap opera invited members of the cast and crew to a murder mystery party. Will YOU figure out whodunnit? Take part in this interactive comic murder mystery.

    May 6 - May 22
  • It Shoulda Been You

    Who doesn’t love a wedding? Broadway’s wild musical farce has blushing brides, nervous grooms, overbearing moms, unexpected guests and crazy twists and turns.

    May 13 - May 22
  • Fairview

    It’s Grandma’s birthday, and what can go wrong does in this family comedy with twists and turns that boldly confront perceptions of race and identity.

    May 19 - June 19
  • South Pacific

    Love transcends the harsh realities of war and prejudice in this Pulitzer Prize-winning classic ‘50s musical comedy tale centered around two unlikely love affairs.

    May 22 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • The Gin Game

    A two-person, two-act play, featuring elderly nursing home residents and a series of gin rummy games.

    May 26 - June 12
  • Into The Woods

    The award-winning music of Stephen Sondheim takes the stage and explores several of the fantastical Brothers Grimm fairy tales, innovatively interwoven.

    June 3 - June 5



A Dream Come True: A Midsummer Night’s Dream is fantasy come alive

Shakespeare wove wisps of fanciful fairies, enchanted forests and dreams of love throughout A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but Director Fred Sullivan Jr. and The Gamm Theatre pushed the fantasy world into overdrive for a production that teleports the audience to a land of sweetness, laughter and passion. Gamm ends its 37th season with its first-ever […]

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My Fair Lady Has Us Singing!

Thursday was opening night of the North American Tour of Lincoln Center Theater’s critically acclaimed production of My Fair Lady, a musical based on George Bernard Shaw’s 1913 play Pygmalion. This being a Broadway production at PPAC, directed by Bartlett Sher, you surely don’t want to miss it! Disregard Hepburn’s classic movie and prepare yourself for a truly new and […]

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Don’t Sleep On Sueño: Nontraditional? Yes. Entertaining? Also yes.

Some plays are difficult to understand or follow, and don’t adhere to the basics of plot development with protagonists and antagonists facing off before jaunting happily off into the sunset. Sueño, now on stage at Trinity Repertory Company, is just such a piece, seemingly airy and darkly comedic on some levels yet complex and multi-layered […]

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Fun, Yet Profound: The Prom at PPAC entertains and teaches valuable lessons

I recently read an article online that posed the question, “Can’t Broadway just be for fun?” The article stepped into the debate on perhaps the biggest existential question at the heart of theatre: should theatre be a means of escapism or an instrument for social change? The Prom is a show that demonstrates it does […]

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If a Tree Falls, Does it Make an Impact?: Motif gets the scoop on the Community Players’ A Tree Falls In Brookline

The world premiere of A Tree Falls in Brookline, written by local playwright David W. Christner and directed by Richard Griffin, is a comedy you don’t want to miss. Considering the Community Players are celebrating their 100th year, these folks are no strangers to quality performances. Some of the faces change, some stick around for […]

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