Jake Bissaro

The Road to Reopening: How are local music venues going to handle Phase III?

This pandemic has taken a massive toll on the entertainment industry, and it’s one that might be insurmountable for small clubs. On a national level, the newly formed National Independent Venue Association (NIVA) revealed that “90% of independent venues report that if the shutdown lasts six months and there’s no federal assistance, they will never […]

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The Music Plays On: Check out some tunes that’ll ease you into phase 2

Here we are, once again. I won’t pile on to the hundreds of commercials that begin with “In these times of uncertainty,” and offer some vague message of togetherness. Suffice to say I hope everybody is staying safe and sane. U.G.L.Y — Goons Live Young U.G.L.Y: This Providence band ain’t got no alibi, but they […]

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Lovable: Nova One’s ambitious new release is equal parts challenging and comforting

With clubs and concert halls shuttered, it’s a difficult time for the music community, and especially for all the performers and employees left without an income. If you’re looking to lend some support, perhaps the easiest thing you can do is buy some of your favorite music.  We’ve all accepted that music is essentially free […]

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Spring Growth: New albums and local shows kick the season off right

The Z-Boys – Elwood Here’s (I’m assuming) a Motif exclusive: Elwood, the sophomore album from Newport’s The Z-Boys, hits the streets March 6. They’re a band known for their high-energy performances. With tempos and influences all over the place, it’s like a dump truck careening along the edge of a canyon road. Fans will be […]

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Sometimes an Ear Is Just an Ear: Baylies Band releases Freudian Ears

Baylies Band – Freudian Ears Baylies Band is back with Freudian Ears, a new LP released late last year. A long-running local favorite, the group is a unique combination of zany spoken word, art rock, psychedelic noodling and guitar noise. The maestro is Eric Baylies on vocals and keys, a man whose flair for experimentation […]

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Anthony Savino Does a Good Job: The artist discusses his evolution and facing the abyss

What better way to kick off the new year than discussing Anthony Savino’s thoughtful, ambitious release Good Job, which tackles weighty topics like wealth, work and love — ideas that might have made an appearance in your resolutions for 2020. For a decade, Savino fronted the New Bedford-based punk band Half Hearted Hero, which now […]

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Keep on Moving: The Technique Is No Technique: An interview with Daughters guitarist

You may not know that one of the era’s premier industrial noise rock bands has its origins right here in PVD. Daughters formed in 2002 in the wake of grindcore band As the Sun Sets, becoming known for their unhinged live performances and aggressive touring schedule. After some band infighting, their well-received album Daughters was released […]

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Keep on Moving: Howling: New albums and spooky shows

Christians & Lions — Young Familiar Christians & Lions, a self-described “New England DIY dreamfolk collective,” is out with the album Young Familiar, the group’s first release after a 10-year gap, and the album is nothing short of spectacular. Frontman Ben Potrykus led indie rock outfit Bent Shapes in the ‘10s, and founded screamo band […]

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