Jake Bissaro

High Planes: Take Flight with Ghost Town

Ghost Town, High Planes’ sophomore effort, presents a collection of rootsy Americana songs with rockabilly stylings and a pop sensibility.  Principal songwriter Christian Calderone has been playing music since high school. He started performing with first band Bellwether on eclectic bills at the Living Room along with acts like Mixylplix and Scrub Technique. After largely […]

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Mercury Dropping, Music Rising: Jump into this pile of shows

Darklands are a Providence/Boston based group just out with Find Peace In The Next Life, their latest LP/EP (do those labels even matter these days?). It’s a charged live set recorded at Distorted Forest Audio recording studio.  Find Peace opens with a bang with “The Hill I Choose To Die On,” where the two chunky, […]

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Ancient Offerings: Vudu Sister’s new release offers a modern twist on ancient myths

Burnt Offerings is the new release from Vudu Sister, a unique record featuring modern retellings of ancient myths in Latin and ancient Greek. With his signature gothic folk stylings, Keith J.G McCurdy eloquently spins a new take on tales as old as time. This project immediately caught my attention. Who is this hyper-educated madman? And […]

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