Pete Larrivee

Pete Larrivee is a self-proclaimed narcissist with delusions of adequacy and a silly haircut. His insight into the world of craft beer could move molehills, and his quoteable nature ensures his legacy will last a lunchtime. Look for him under a table at any beer festival. Prost!

Get Your Comic On! RI Comic Con brings the geeks to the streets

Like the turning of the leaves, RI Comic Con is an anticipated part of fall in the Ocean State. Each year, this three-day, ever-growing celebration of pop culture and nerditude sprawls through the Omni Hotel, the Rhode Island Convention Center and the Dunkin Donuts Center. Brought to our humble little state by Altered Reality Entertainment, […]

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Prepare, Humans … and Beware: NecronomiCon returns to provide all the existential horror your real life doesn’t

Every other year it descends, creeping in from the shadowed corners of the unhallowed and ancient city, seeping into the minds and souls of the willing, drawing forth horrors of indescribable and inescapable grotesqueness, culminating in the great and pervasive corruption of all we know by an idea, a philosophy, more accurately — a fear […]

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Got Beer? These Are the Breweries in Your Neighborhood: And in everyone else’s neighborhood, too

After decades of growth, craft beer in Rhode Island has reached a fever pitch event the wildest dreams of local beer enthusiasts couldn’t conjure. Whereas once we could count on one hand the number of breweries, including brewpubs, in our state, now it’s getting difficult to attempt to keep up with the new brewery openings. […]

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Got Beer? In a Hoppy Mood: This cloudy brew gives our beer expert a sunny disposition

It’s been far too long since I checked in with Proclamation, our wonderful brewers in Warwick who brought us this past year’s Rhode Island Comic Con official brew. I regret that I have significantly fewer opportunities to immerse myself into the great wide beer world than I used to, but that just means I have […]

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Got Beer: Fool Me Once: You Schwifty? Szechuan-style India pale ale is an indescribable experience

Goddamnit, Sean. For those who don’t know, last year Sean Larkin of Revival Brewing posted an April Fools joke on social media that he was making this Szechuan-style IPA with a name that’s a shout-out to the infamous “Rick and Morty,” a not-for-kids cartoon that gleefully bounces between silly irreverence and soul-crushing nihilism like Hawkeye Pierce […]

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Got Beer?: HAMR Time!: Crack open this warmer weather beer and hope for warmer weather

Oh, Revival, your wonderful brews and charming character won me over long ago. Though I’m reviewing yet another hoppy beer, I’m cutting this one some slack for being much more chill and stylish than most others of its ilk. The refreshing new breed of fruity/sweet IPAs has gotten me back into the style after I […]

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