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Bobby Forand

Voices of the Earth: The Future of Our Planet II

This collection of 67 environmentally themed poems can be depressing and uncomfortable to read at times, which is exactly the point publisher Notable Works set out to make with this release. Local authors all contributed work inspired by our current natural world, which is, unfortunately, a disaster (to put it nicely). The poets don’t paint […]

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Dispatches From the Fort: Jeff Danielian publishes his fourth volume of poetry and it’s about time

Jeff Danielian is back with his fourth volume of poetry (to go along with four works of non-fiction geared toward educating youth), featuring his introduction, 56 poems and what he describes as “a short non-fiction adventure.” Danielian doesn’t pull any surprises with his writing style, keeping things humble and to the point. My favorite poem […]

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Making Sure Larders Aren’t Bare: When Rhode Islanders struggle, the RI Food Bank steps in

These have been brutal times for nearly everyone (with maybe the exception of big box stores, which are seeing record profits). Citizens worldwide have been hit mercilessly with the combination of a physical and mental health crisis and a financial crisis. There are people struggling in all facets of day-to-day life, such as work, bills, […]

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Gone But Not Forgotten: RHD-RI participants reflect on the program’s legacy

After opening in a mill building in Pawtucket in 2004, RHD-RI quickly became a beacon in the local arts community. Artists with developmental disabilities used the space to work on their pieces, write music and discuss ideas. Creativity ran rampant throughout each room. The organization moved to a second mill building in Pawtucket in 2014 […]

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Lending an Ear: During Suicide Prevention Month, the Samaritans of Rhode Island continue to help

There is no shame in feeling the need to reach out for help or needing to talk through personal issues, regardless of how big or small they may seem to others. There are always people willing to help, whether they be a friend or an anonymous stranger.  The Samaritans of Rhode Island have been providing […]

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A Hub of Hope: The Autism Project discusses autism awareness month

The Autism Project launched in 1997 with the plan of becoming a “Hub of Hope” for people and their families on the autism spectrum and other developmental disabilities, providing resources, education and connection that help individuals lead meaningful and purposeful lives. The Autism Project has classes, trainings, workshops and support groups. They provide respite for […]

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