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Cathren Housley

Cathren is a multidisciplinary artist and a board member of the Peace Flag Project. Current projects: giant flags, documentary films and children's workshops with the Providence Community Libraries. Website:

My Rhode Island: Photographer and physician Howard Schulman discusses his exhibit

We spoke with Howard Schulman, MD, whose photography show, My Rhode Island, is currently on exhibit at BankRI in downtown Providence through September. Cathren Housley (Motif): Which came first, the photographer or the doctor? Howard Schulman: As far as composing pictures and capturing things I’ve seen, that was definitely something that started after I became […]

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Mask Shaming: Some people have valid excuses not to mask up, don’t they?

Dear C and Dr. B; This happened to someone in my family, so I think this is something the mask shamers need to know. Hey, remember that woman you shamed in the grocery store today because she wasn’t wearing a mask? That was my sister. She already feels enough shame because she was raped. Having […]

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Advice from the Trenches: Do the discriminated against discriminate?

Dear C and Dr. B; Issues of racism and discrimination are all over the news. Right now, Black Lives Matter is at the top of the list and people are getting fired and called out for anything that implies a personal racist attitude. Before that, the #MeToo movement went after men for discrimination and abuse […]

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No Doctor? No Problem!: Before the pandemic, were people overusing health care?

In mid-April, as the medical world braced to contain the incoming flood from the coronavirus pandemic, doctors and patients alike were concerned about the disruption of preventative and elective health care. For some, the gap in visits was dangerous – newly diagnosed cancer patients had treatments cancelled when outpatient clinics were forced to close; early […]

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Labels? Instincts? Stereotypes?: One reader questions their knee-jerk reactions

Dear C and Dr. B; The issue of stereotypes and profiling has taken over the news – Black people and people of color are perceived as greater threats, wherever they are or whatever they are doing – and cops are feared by Black people and people of color as a matter of course. Then there are […]

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De-escalation: The Nonviolence Institute seeks sustainable peace

Since the death of George Floyd, protests and violence has erupted in waves across our country. On June 1 in Providence, we witnessed vandalism and looting, while in Minneapolis, NY, LA, Philadelphia and other cities, the burning, rioting and clashes between protesters and police rose to a frenzied pitch unabated. Under this cloud of tension […]

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