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Cathren Housley

Cathren is a multidisciplinary artist and a board member of the Peace Flag Project. Current projects: giant flags, documentary films and children's workshops with the Providence Community Libraries. Website:

Stuck!: One reader wonders what to do about an unsupportive boss

Dear C and Dr. B; I am caught between a rock and a hard place, and not sure what to do. I teach at a middle school in Providence, and the disciplinary problems are pretty bad. Lots of my kids come from what I would charitably call “dysfunctional” families, with a history of criminal activity […]

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Resolve to Change?: One reader wonders if new year’s resolutions are harmful

Dear C & Dr. B; Every year, I make resolutions for the new year, usually to lose weight and stop drinking. Every year I break the resolutions after a few weeks. Last year, I decided not to make any resolutions, and I lost 5 pounds. My alcohol consumption remained about the same, but still… Now as […]

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Mom Is Making Everyone Nuts: One writer wonders how to deal with a complaint-filled family member

Dear C and Dr. B; I love my mother, but she is driving me absolutely nuts. She wants my help but then doesn’t let me help her. She also makes everything about her, even COVID – you’d think it was a personal plot against her. She complains she is lonely but then refuses to go […]

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What if the Norm Doesn’t Work?: One reader wonders if it’s her or her culture

Dear C and Dr. B; I was having a difficult time with dating and thought my own expectations were the problem … until I visited a friend living across the world, and saw how differently relationships are regarded there. They have a strong sense of family, but as far as everything else – it seems […]

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Avoiding the Maskless: One reader wonders why not everyone got the message

Dear C and Dr. B; My Thanksgiving plans were ruined by an idiot non-mask wearing coworker. When seeing clients she doesn’t wear a mask because she says that it interferes with communication and empathy. She just doesn’t get the whole “protective safety measures” thing. So what happened? She tested positive for COVID the day before […]

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