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Guildy Pleasures: Warren’s first brewpub

The smallest town in the smallest state, Warren, RI, which was once known by most as a blink on the way to Newport, has experienced a renaissance in recent years. With a plethora of quality restaurants, Warren has slowly become a dining destination for New Englanders. Adjacent to the town’s Main Street is Water Street, […]

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Revival Brewing: Motif Overall Favorite Brewing Award

When we caught up with Revival’s General Manager Paul Baptista, we asked him what drove the brewery’s success. He answered succinctly: Master Brewer Sean Larkin.  “Sean is a community driven person,” Baptista said. “He pays it forward, and he has a lot of good ideas to bring people into the community.” Sean Larkin has made […]

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Motif Food Truck and Drink Award Winners: Event Roundup

On Monday, September 13th, fans of vehicle-based victuals, local libations, and awards show excitement gathered at the Motif 2021 Food Truck & Drink Awards. The anticipation was palpable as would-be winners of awards such as “Favorite Tacos” and “Favorite IPA” listened closely for the judges to call their names.  The event was not without star […]

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Served with a Twist: Sober or sober curious, mocktails are here to stay

As more and more people recognize the health benefits of not drinking (sorry guys — it’s delicious but not good for you), the mocktail revolution gains momentum every year. So whether you’re the DD, doing Sober September, or done with alcohol for good – your options are more vast than ever.  Where to Go I […]

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