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Sometimes an Ear Is Just an Ear: Baylies Band releases Freudian Ears

Baylies Band – Freudian Ears Baylies Band is back with Freudian Ears, a new LP released late last year. A long-running local favorite, the group is a unique combination of zany spoken word, art rock, psychedelic noodling and guitar noise. The maestro is Eric Baylies on vocals and keys, a man whose flair for experimentation […]

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Anthony Savino Does a Good Job: The artist discusses his evolution and facing the abyss

What better way to kick off the new year than discussing Anthony Savino’s thoughtful, ambitious release Good Job, which tackles weighty topics like wealth, work and love — ideas that might have made an appearance in your resolutions for 2020. For a decade, Savino fronted the New Bedford-based punk band Half Hearted Hero, which now […]

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Keep on Moving: Three Points of Madness — Circus of Madness

The circus is coming back to town as Three Points of Madness release their third album, Circus of Madness, with a rager at Dusk this Saturday. Don’t worry, there will be no elephants! On Circus of Madness, Three Points of Madness bring it with a Tool meets Alice in Chains style alt-rock on nuggets like “Devil’s Face” […]

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Keep On Moving: Ten Years Of It: Ian O’Neil talks about the last decade of music

It’s been a hell of a year for Deer Tick guitarist Ian O’Neil. He released three albums with three different projects — Deer Tick, Happiness and his solo record, Ten Years Of It. This year also marked O’Neil’s 10th year in Deer Tick; however, his solo album title doesn’t refer to this, rather to the […]

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Keep on Moving: Howling: New albums and spooky shows

Christians & Lions — Young Familiar Christians & Lions, a self-described “New England DIY dreamfolk collective,” is out with the album Young Familiar, the group’s first release after a 10-year gap, and the album is nothing short of spectacular. Frontman Ben Potrykus led indie rock outfit Bent Shapes in the ‘10s, and founded screamo band […]

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