Go Nuts For Nutty Mamas Cookies


nuttymamasThough I had high hopes when I first heard of the local healthy snack alternative known as Nutty Mamas cookies, part of me felt jaded. How many self-proclaimed “healthy and delicious” snack foods have we all heard of and felt a tinge of disappointment over? For those of us out there with combinations of strange health issues and food allergies ranging from gluten to dairy intolerance, it often feels like we’re constantly searching for something safe to eat that actually tastes great. After learning more and trying the cookies themselves, I can tell you with confidence that Nutty Mamas are everything you could ask for and more!

Owner and operator Monica Gambino first started searching for the perfect healthy cookie recipe a few years back with the goal of providing her two teenage children with a healthy snack. During our meeting she joked that as she noticed the negative effects of junk food on her family she became “a little bit nutty” and took it upon herself to find a solution. It was this time period that inspired the perfectly clever name of the company, which includes three flavors of cookies that are also all fittingly nut-based.

After subduing my excitement for how delicious these baked goods actually are, I focused my attention on how amazing Monica’s story is. After months of research into the dangers of grain, gluten, and sugar (where she was heavily influenced by Dr. William Davis’ Wheat Belly books) she perfected her own recipes over the course of a year’s worth of trial and error. After having such mouth watering results, her family and friends helped persuade her to launch the business. She never expected that her goal to provide her son and daughter with a healthy and tasty baked treat would turn into a future business, but those of us that try her cookies are sure glad it happened!

Monica’s story goes even deeper than the tale of a loving and determined mother. Before starting the company, she experienced some difficulty in previous job settings due to her disability status. She reflected on many of the physical and emotional struggles she’s overcome throughout her life during our meeting. I was particularly impressed with the fact that she refused to let her physical limitations affect her goals to provide healthy food to as many people as possible. She fought to save the start up cost of launching Nutty Mamas and works out of Rhode Island’s own culinary business incubator and shared kitchen space known as Hope & Main. With just one staff member, intern Joy Bloodworth, the company manages to produce an average of 200 cookies per week and continues to gain new orders via their website and Facebook page.

Nutty Mamas cookies are now available in three flavors; coconut chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and most recently, cranberry ginger. Each wonderful recipe is not only completely free of grains, gluten, dairy and refined sugars, but also packed with wholesome nuts, chia and flax with the natural sweet flavor from monk fruit. They can be ordered via Etsy, Facebook, or the official website at nuttymamas.com. You can also find them in person at Coffee Exchange, Coffee Depot, Coastal Roasters, and several other select cafes across the state.

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