Toast to Your New Home!

Avocado toast recently became political when real estate mogul Tim Gurner suggested that millennials would be able to buy homes if they’d just lay off the avocado toast. We talked to Jordan Boslego of Sydney Providence about this issue because avocado toast is kind of their thing.

Motif: Your avocado toast is a pretty popular menu item. How do you feel about being the reason so many Rhode Island millennials can’t afford to buy homes?

Jordan Boslego: Our avocado toast costs about half the price quoted by Gurner — $8.25.

Motif: So you want to play math games? Okay. The average value of a home in Rhode Island is about $250,000. A traditional 20% down payment on that home average is $50,000. Divide that by $8.25 and all you’d have to do is skip your daily avocado toast from Sydney for about 16 years and you’d have plenty of cash for a down payment. Why don’t millennials get it? Hunker down, eat nothing but cheap fast food and get that house!

Boslego: Actually, if you consider that we use almost an entire avocado on each serving of our avocado toast, it’s a pretty filling meal. It might even fill you up for two meals, making the cost only $4.12 per meal — cheaper than fast food!

Motif: Could it be that rocketing home prices and stagnating wages coupled with staggering student loan debt are the real problems here?

Boslego: We endeavor to pay our staff a living wage.

Motif: But you still sell the avocado toast. Keeping in mind that no avocado toast tastes as good as owning a home feels, could you give our millennial readers some tips on making a good avocado toast to enjoy in their parents’ basement?

Boslego: Use only fresh, high quality ingredients …

Motif: … poor people don’t deserve healthy food …

Boslego: … and keep the avocado chunky.

Motif: … unlike a millennial’s wallet.

Sydney recently produced a video on how to make avocado toast. Check it out here:

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