Five Fun Things To Do: May 22 – 28

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THU 23

Nokturnal: Providence’s venerable goth night hosts a farewell party for resident DJ Azrael before he departs on a six-month hike in the woods. 9pm. Dusk, 301 Harris Ave, PVD.

Waterfire: Basin lighting. Sunset @ 8:07pm. Waterplace Park, PVD.

FRI 24

The Room Live: Reputedly the worst so-bad-it’s-good movie ever made, starring inarticulate and incoherent “disaster artist” Tommy Wiseau as a guy working through his breakup issues, gets the live “shadowcast” treatment from Providence’s own RKO Army, famous for their performances of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 8pm. Alchemy, 71 Richmond St, PVD.

SAT 25

Drunk Cat Stories 4: Ten performers getting drunk and telling stories about cats they have known and loved. Doors 9pm, show 9:30pm. AS220, 115 Empire St, PVD.

SUN 26

Wrestle Party: Spandex and tater tots. (Is “tater tots” some kind of euphemism? We’re scared.) Ogie’s Trailer Park, 1155 Westminster St, PVD.


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