Young Frankenstein Is a Monster Smash


YF Cast In Lobby PRYoung Frankenstein is a cheerfully silly musical featuring excellent performances and superb choreography, performed May 5 through 7 at the Stadium Theatre.

The show was adapted from the 1974 film directed by Mel Brooks, who wrote the music and lyrics. Frederick Frankenstein, a brilliant but eccentric scientist, inherits his grandfather’s castle and encounters a bizarre group of characters: Igor (pronounced eye-gore), a hunchback; the buxom blonde Inga; and Frau Blucher, the offbeat housekeeper whose name makes horses whinny. Doctor Frankenstein is inspired to continue his grandfather’s experiments with reanimation and creates a 7-foot-tall man who runs wild around the countryside.

As Frankenstein, Aidan Horrigan provided the perfect blend of madness and whimsy. Frankenstein is a madman, but he has a dream he is determined to pursue and his dedication is endearing. Horrigan and the radiant Lisa Ziniti-Palmer, as Inga, Frankenstein’s assistant, have some wonderful chemistry in their scenes. Their performance of “Roll in the Hay” was amusing and filled with double entendres. Ziniti-Palmer, a musical theater veteran, is a gifted singer and shines on “Listen to Your Heart.” Brian Lopes was adorably zany as Igor, whose facial expressions and mad shuffle across the stage were a comic delight. I also enjoyed the work of Ashley Lopes, as Frankenstein’s conceited paramour Elizabeth, and Rebecca Donald, as Frau Blucher. Donald displayed superb vocals on “He Vas My Boyfriend.”

Special mention must be given to Mike Myers as The Monster, who terrifies the denizens of Transylvania and finds true love. Myers is lovable as he stomps around in platform shoes and groans in bewilderment at the people around him. Brian Wolfe-Leonard has a funny scene as a wild-eyed hermit who attempts to feed soup to the Monster, with sidesplitting results.

This was an exceptionally well-produced and staged show. Director John Kevin-McElroy Morgan came up with one terrific set piece after another, especially a lavish presentation of the classic “Puttin’ On The Ritz.” The sets, costumes and musical accompaniment were all first-rate, adding up to a wonderful night of entertainment.

The Stadium Theatre. 28 Monument Square, Woonsocket.

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