Black History Month


Definition of the original man
first to ever put his foot to land
oxymoronic thoughts colliding with god’s plan
constant complaints blaming the Man
is it his fault that you lack initiative
complacently waiting for the government to give
a handout
u will quickly scream on each other 
but to the Man never shout
Jaded memories of raised fist
Alliances in all black decor yearning for equality to exist
Illusions of allusions encompassing 360° shaped hair follicles
teachings of the Koran and Torah replaced by viles and bottles

Redefinition of the original man
encouraging smiles and extended hands
yearning to conquer his lost land
Thanksgiving is more like thankstaking
History books distorted facts keep relating

Makes me wanna holla
and visit the real Marvin’s room
retrace my charcoal steps
and swim in Nefertiti’s womb
floating and coasting high high above
this melancholy world void of black love

Redefine your worth 
and do it well
pass on recipes, education and tradition
and train your mind to avoid superstition

Fathers kiss your babies
it is your relationship not the kid that was shady
embrace your path as a voluntary role model
witness all epic happenings from their first sip of the bottle

light the torch
and serve as a light seeker
their innocence do not scorch
you are their divine teacher

For in one instance you beared the power of Maker
be it YHWH, Allah or Buddah
you are serving as their Creator

The revolution will be digitized 
televised and done well
we must take off the black glove 
and extend our hand in love