Buy the Best Delta 8 Carts after reading reviews of the brands that are most popular. While some may claim that Exhale Wellness and BudPop are the best delta 8 companies, I disagree, and say that Area 52 produces the Best Delta 8 THC Carts that I have ever smoked in my life. In fact, when I first tried their Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges, I was looking to Buy Weed Online because my dealer would not respond. I was still a heavy smoker and vaper at the time, before I transitioned into cannabis edibles. The turning point for me was when I tried the Delta 8 THC Gummies made by Area 52. Their THC Gummies have been named the Best THC Gummies by Observer and LAWeekly. If you’re looking for the Best Delta 8 Gummies then Area 52 Delta 8 THC Gummies are what you need. I’ve tried hundreds of other delta 8 THC products and none were as good as Area 52’s delta 8 gummies for my back pain and muscle spasms.

How Clean is Your Cannabis?: A conversation with Cannalytics RI

With the evolving state of legal cannabis, it can be hard to keep track of the ever-changing regulations (even if it’s part of your job!), especially when it comes to testing requirements for cannabis products. Comprehensive testing requirements are essential to ensuring the quality and safety of a product intended to supply patients – many […]

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New York Set A New Standard for Social & Economic Equity in Legal Cannabis: Can Rhode Island do the same?

It is the responsibility of each state that legalizes cannabis to incorporate the lessons learned from other states into any proposed laws and regulations. Wasn’t that the whole point of the “wait and see” argument we heard year after year from RI lawmakers, seemingly content to let millions of dollars bleed over the border into […]

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I Ain’t Got No Strains On Me: What to look for when you’re looking for flower

Sativa Green Fire OG Grower: Mammoth RI Details: 70/30 Sativa dominant mix of Green Cure and Fire OG Look & Smell: Light and fluffy with big trichomes giving off a note of green apple Taste: Big citrus notes up top with a spicy/floral flavor in the back Effects: Soothing head-high that definitely increases the appetite […]

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ExSPONGing Away Criminal Records: Fighting for automatic expungement in RI

Leaders in the Rhode Island General Assembly have introduced a bill to legalize cannabis for professional and personal use, possession and purchase for up to one ounce starting October 1, 2022. With the discussion of legalization, expungement has become a topic of priority among cannabis advocacy groups.  Expungement refers to clearing an individual’s record of […]

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Stoner’s Day Out: A “comprehensive” guide of where to go when you’re high on marijuana

If you’re a cannabis user, you’ve probably found yourself in this scenario: You’ve got your freshly packed bowl, or joint, or whatever, and the living room couch just isn’t hitting the same way it normally does. You’re a little stoned but you’re craving a little more substance than binging that show you’ve already seen three […]

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Notes From NECANN: A firsthand account of the New England Cannabis Convention

Sunday, March 20. Boston, MA. Hynes Convention Center. New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) Day 3.  Morning drive from Providence to Boston: the fog was lifting, the sun was shining, everything was white. Listened to the radio. Sang along to everything. Fog parted just outside Quincy. Seagulls perched atop the beauty supply building in Roxbury. Blue […]

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