Who Let the Dogs Out? Downcity Dog Days at Aurora

aurora1It’s Tuesday, which is pretty much just Monday dressed a bit fancier, and you’re sitting at your desk, entirely not on Facebook trying to waste those last few minutes before the clock strikes five and you can blow this popsicle stand and find your first after-work libation. But, you have to ask, where the heck are we going to go?

Forgo the post 5pm road rage that comes with fighting your way to a parking spot at an out-of-town watering hole. Instead, claim one of the street-side seats out front of 276 Westminster St, and watch those not in the know beating a path elsewhere while you already have a cold one in hand.

This old dog has a whole host of new tricks — the space that was once Root’s Café and previously Providence Black Repertory Company is now the stellar downtown events venue and bar, Aurora. After establishing themselves as a primo downtown music venue, Aurora is now asking Providence to join them in an after work tipple, hot dogs and some awesome giveaways.


2014 © Cat Laine.
2014 © Cat Laine.

Every dog has its day — for Aurora those days are every Tues beginning June 9 and continuing bi-weekly through Aug as they host InDowncity’s Dog Days.

InDowncity ( is one of the groups that shout the loudest when it comes to the community atmosphere of the downtown neighborhood. Representing the independent businesses that line Westminster St and beyond, InDowncity is known for creating a party in the city; they produce the annual Cinco De Mayo Block Party as well as the summer open air cinema, Movies on the Block (, which enters its ninth season this year.

Together Aurora and InDowncity are inviting weary 9-5ers to take a load off, grab a free hot dog and order something at the bar. Known for their grown-up Slurpee-style cocktails, Aurora’s frozen drinks machine will be churning away in readiness filled with, among others, my favorite: the Painkiller. A much tastier hair-of-the-dog alternative to Advil, it’s made with Wings of Steel rum, orange, pineapple, rum, lime, coconut, rum and … er, more rum.

The mirror backed, neon chalk adorned bar menu also has a respectable collection of drafts including Downeast Cider, Baxter Coconut Porter, Founders Nitro Stout and Berkshire Steel Rail Pale. There is something for every dog-tired palate.

Sweet treats from Ellie’s Bakery’s Millie the macaron ice cream cart will be available for those who crave a little ice cream with their grown-up drinks.

There’s also something for every level of physical enthusiasm for post work bevvies; the lounge banquettes and mellow soundtrack are perfect for those for whom a walk to the bar is quite enough exertion, thanks very much. For those who prefer their after work drinks a little more dynamic, ping pong and corn hole will be on hand to cause someone to get a little over-competitive and buy the next round.

Make sure you’re not barking up the wrong tree and keep up-to-date with all the Aurora happenings via their Twitter (@auroraprov), Instagram (@auroraprov) and website (

InDowncity’s Dog Days at Aurora; Tues in June, July and August from 5 – 7pm 

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