Bodyslammin’ at Foo Fest

Where else can you find a humanoid tuna, an old-timey strong man, a dinosaur and a king so crazy he believes he rules a country that doesn’t exist? You can find them clashing in the squared-circle for Live Pro Wrestling (LPW) at this year’s Foo Fest.

Shouting a promo at terrified bystanders, the head honcho, Sully Banger, described LPW as “goofy, over-the-top characters, ridiculous situations and just a general desire to enjoy ourselves and be proud to put it in front of people.” The all-ages shows take place once a month at the Black Box on 95 Empire Street in front of a crowd of wrestling fans, thrill-seekers and frustrated sci-fi writers looking for inspiration. At Foo, they’re going to take the battle outside for a family-friendly show sure to thrill casual and die-hard wrestling fans alike.

After delivering a 10-punch to me in the corner, Banger said he encourages people to come with an open mind. As cartoonish and wild an LPW show is, he said, “We don’t allow any forms of hate speech or alienating themes in any of our shows.” However, do expect the possibility of aliens from other worlds coming to compete against some of Earth’s strangest warriors.

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