DEVIL’s NIGHT at Dusk: A Stripped Up Costume Party

It’s the Eve of All Hallows Eve, and the fires of Devil’s Night will be roaring bright at club Dusk for the first ever BURLESQUE N’ ROLL! This two-stage indoor/outdoor carn-evil event will feature bloodcurdling bands and burlesque dancers.  

Getting mummified up for the night could “payoff” for a few lucky winners of the costume contest. Instead of a popularity vote (or graveyard groans), the secret judges will be lurking through the creepy crowd scoring the Grim and the Glamorous. Cash prizes will be awarded for Most Creative, Scariest and Funniest costumes. It might be the only time you would be willing to give your name to a stranger, just don’t pledge your soul.

A myriad of macabre music will pollute the air of the concrete cemetery. Haunting the outdoor stage, scream and dance away to The Hammer Party, Midnight Creeps, Gamma Rage, Video Shoppe, and the 20th anniversary reunion of White Mice! At a ghoulish gathering such as this, you never know which other special apparitions will make an appearance.

In between the beats, be mesmerized by the theatrical performances of Bettysioux Taylor, Maiden X, Hades Ivory, Bonanza Jellybean, Shirley MacSlain, Seiana Barbato, the talented tandem of Cabaret Sauvignon. Be sure to put some monetary treats in the bucket, or you might get tricked!


As the temperature cools down, things will heat up with the fire performances of Amanda Salemi and head-promoter Gogo Riot.  “We haven’t seen this done before on such a scale,” said Gogo Riot. “I would like to thank CHIFFEROBE and Double ‘B’ Burlesque.”

While the kids celebrate on Sunday, the adults will play on Saturday!

Burlesque n’ Roll, Saturday, October 30. The gates to hell open at 7pm, but your souls must be at least 21+. You’ll have to pay the ferryman $20 to crossover, and don’t forget to bring all the single dollars to tip the devilish dancers.  Dusk, 301 Harris Ave. in Providence