Fall Drinking Games

Whether you are gearing up for Halloween or you are just hanging with your friends, soothe the burn of the first few weeks of fall being so hot with some cool drinks and a lack of inhibitions.

Hocus Pocus Drinking Games

Sip your beer every time

… there is cheesy ’90s banter.

… Winifred sings something.

… someone says the word “virgin.”

… Sarah does something overtly sexual.

… Dani is mad annoying.

Chug half a beer when

… Mary “smells a child.”

… Billy loses a body part.

… someone makes a ring of salt.

Finish the drink you have during the song “I Put a Spell on You.”

Take a shot when Winifred tries to suck out a soul.

Campfire Stories Drinking Game

If you finish your drink you have tell a scary story. It’s “Are You Afraid of The Dark,” but with booze!

Straight Face

Write silly/inappropriate sentences on pieces of paper. If you laugh or smile while reading one out loud then you have to drink.

Attached at the Hip

Everyone at a party pairs off and picks a body part (eg, pinkies, elbows, butts, ears, noses) out of a hat. They have to keep those body parts touching all night and if they separate, they have to take a shot. 

Generic Horror Movie

Take a shot when a white family moves into an obviously haunted house.

Chug your beer when someone who’s had sex dies.

Take a sip at any extraneous gore.

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