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Rhode Islanders You Should Know: Author and podcaster Kate Hanley wants to change your life

Kate Hanley is an author, a podcaster, and she wants you to be a better person.  Nope, don’t run, come back, stick with me here.  First and foremost, let’s throw down Hanley’s Rhode Island cred. She’s a native (her family spans generations here) and did the most native thing someone from Rhody can do – […]

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Take the initiative!: Students take the reins at Blackstone Academy Charter

The students Blackstone Academy Charter School reacted to the media spotlight on the plight of brown-skinned people by saying they’ve had enough. They took the initiative to create real change — starting in the classroom and reaching the entire school. They created a safe space where people with brown skin are no longer at the […]

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Brain Drain: We rounded up some local resources to keep little minds occupied all season long

Hordes of Rhode Island children about to be sprung from the classroom (or the kitchen table for distance learners) and back into the sun. Since summer is a prime time for students to lose some of what they’ve learned, we’ve rounded up some fun and educational resources for the season. Classes and Camps Both Trinity […]

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A Life Back Home: Local veteran helps ease the transition for fellow military members

The veteran population of Rhode Island is just over 70,000, a sizeable community for a state with just over 1 million residents. But according to the Housing Assistance Council, approximately 13,000 of those veterans live in what the council describes as, “homes with one or more major problems of quality, crowding or cost.” And that […]

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