Dear Rhode Island: Want a pen pal? What Cheer will help you find one.

With quarantine slowing down most of our lives, Jessica David and the What Cheer Writers Club are teaming up to bring back a favorite old pasttime: writing letters. That’s right, drop your smart phone and step away from your email, they’re bringing back old-fashioned communication — and I hope a plethora of gorgeous stamps — […]

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Labels? Instincts? Stereotypes?: One reader questions their knee-jerk reactions

Dear C and Dr. B; The issue of stereotypes and profiling has taken over the news – Black people and people of color are perceived as greater threats, wherever they are or whatever they are doing – and cops are feared by Black people and people of color as a matter of course. Then there are […]

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De-escalation: The Nonviolence Institute seeks sustainable peace

Since the death of George Floyd, protests and violence has erupted in waves across our country. On June 1 in Providence, we witnessed vandalism and looting, while in Minneapolis, NY, LA, Philadelphia and other cities, the burning, rioting and clashes between protesters and police rose to a frenzied pitch unabated. Under this cloud of tension […]

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Real Help for Real Artists: MassMoCA workshops help artists thrive

The toll that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on our economy has been as debilitating as the disease itself, and some of the hardest hit were those who worked in creative fields. As the shut downs began, performance artists watched bookings disappear, teaching artists saw workshops and residencies cancelled, galleries were forced to close their […]

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