The Intelligent Treatment of Clothing: Reed McLaren on the sustainable wardrobe

Reed McLaren has spent time researching how to make timeless clothing pieces last. Initially helpful in the curation of her exquisite natural material vintage collection, The House of Ama, she now focuses her efforts on exploring this subject matter to help others. McLaren shared some of her knowledge at the Rhode Island School of Design […]

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Reminiscences on Winning a Pub in Ireland: A conversation with Trevor O’Driscoll

While we greet St. Patrick’s Day in Rhode Island this year with parades cancelled, restaurants and pubs closed, and gatherings discouraged on account of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re looking back to the time a Providence resident won a pub in Ireland. In 1997, Trevor O’Driscoll graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in history. […]

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Sham-Rocks, Plastic Paddies and Bar Brawls: Challenging the populist status quo

In 2019, “Saturday Night Live” aired a skit about an Irish date show that portrayed contestants as inbred knuckleheads with a reduced worldview and a propensity toward marrying their cousins. And it stood out like a sore thumb. Stereotypes are increasingly being shunned as the lowest form of humor, and remarkable progress has been made […]

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Gang de Filles: A celebration of bad-ass womxn

Don’t even worry, your Saturday plans are booked and they are awesome.  With International Women’s Day coming up (it’s Sunday) PVDLive and La Boheme Noir et. Co, an organization dedicated to hosting “thoughtfully curated events allowing humans to connect,” are joining together to present Gang de Filles: An International Women and Non-Binary Celebration. This is […]

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Write This Way: Readers, writers, story-lovers — you’ve come to the right place

I think the assumption is that to make it as a writer, you have to live in New York or Los Angeles or some old Victorian mansion in Maine where you write about killer clowns. You don’t really think about Rhode Island — but you really should. Rhode Island is experiencing an explosion of writing […]

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