March’s Mixology Madness Cocktail Winner: Lucky Thyme

On Sunday, March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day — Motif held its monthly mixology contest at Kimi’s, a cozy and beloved neighborhood bar in Federal Hill. Competing bartenders and spectators strolled in, thirsty and decked out in green, ready to sample some thematic cocktails using SmokeLab vodka as the main ingredient. Whose concoction contained the most liquid luck and struck gold in the competition? The four leaf clover was found in the bottom of Taty Goncharova’s glittery green cocktail, the Lucky Thyme. Read about her inspiration below and try out her recipe the next time you seek a sweet and festive sip.


“The drink was inspired by the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. I enjoy crafting my cocktails with fresh elements. Using fresh herbs and fresh juices helps to enhance the aroma and add a burst of freshness to each sip. Also, I thought that adding a touch of green glitter would be a fun and playful way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.”

– Taty Goncharova

2oz SmokeLab Classic Vodka
0.5oz homemade simple syrup with fresh thyme, ginger, and orange peel
1oz fresh-squeezed tangerine juice
1oz fresh lemon juice
0.5oz pineapple juice
A sprinkle of edible green glitter
Shake it! Garnish with fresh thyme and dehydrated orange. Enjoy!