Meet Karissa Lamoureux and Bryan Mercier

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What do the ‘60s mean to you?
Karissa Lamoureux: A time of peace and love and the idea of unity for a common ideal. It’s an era where people came together to be defiant and stand up for a positive cause.

Compare the current administration to Kennedy’s.
KL: Both the Kennedy and Trump administrations relied on media coverage and a personality image in their campaigns. The Kennedy administration was the first to use the television as the primary source of information. However, the Kennedy administration used unity as a key feature. It seems that the Trump vs Hillary campaign left us more divided.

photoHow do you two know each other?
KL: Bryan started at Lang’s as a customer who loved his Guinness and bowling. He then got a job at Lang’s and has been the perfect addition to our staff as the only male lane server!

Best bowling story?
Bryan Mercier: My stepdad, Ray, has been bowling since he was a kid, over 30 years, and has never bowled a 300. He came close, coming down to the final ball five times and never secured the accomplishment. My brother Zach, Ray’s kid, bowled a perfect game only after one year of bowling. Zach has never let Ray live that down.

Favorite local beers?
KL: My favorite local brewery has to be at Brutopia in Johnston. They have several drafts made in-house by Revival that are all delicious. Some favorites are You Thirsty, Dark Marvel, Night Swim’ah and Pinky Swear.

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