Trivia: Thank Goddess!

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TriviaAfter a long, cold winter, those longer days, rays of sun and shoots of green feel especially worth worshipping (please ignore the March snow). That desire doesn’t belong only to modern folk – spring goddesses have been celebrated since we first noticed those baby shoots reaching for the sun. Test your knowledge!

1) Name the Celtic goddess to whom painted eggs and white rabbits are sacred.
2) Name the three Roman gods and goddesses who were tasked with bringing fertility to the land after a cold winter
3) The Celtic goddess of sunlight, Olwen, left which flower everywhere she walked?
4) Why did the Greek goddess Demeter bring spring to the land every year?
5) Goddess Artio hibernates in the winter and returns to herald the spring. What kind of animal is she?
6) Which spring goddess is represented on our cover this issue?








1) Ostara  2) Libera, Ceres and Liber   3) White clover  4) Out of happiness for her daughter Persephone’s return from the underworld  5) A bear   6) Rhode Islandra, naturally!

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