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Trivia: Pro-Level Protests


A. Kent State B. Purdue University C. University of Rhode Island D. Jackson State College E. Columbia University

Fall Guide Trivia: Find the Differences




Answers: 1. Moon’s eyelash is missing. 2. Doggie sweater missing. 3. Stitch in scarecrow’s mouth missing. 4. Pumpkin tooth missing. 5. Squirrel missing one of his nuts. 6. Crow tail feather gone. 7. Leaf veins gone. 8. Motif logo gone from pumpkin. 9. Dog’s tail is shorter. 10. Crow’s feet are gone.

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Cooler Warmer Comic by Adam Slater


February Trivia by the Wild Colonial

Q1: According the Athenaeum’s website, the building was the site of many important moments in the courtship of poet Sarah Whitman by this American icon, including the moment of that courtship’s demise in 1848.

Q2: In 2005, the Athenaeum made the controversial decision to sell its unbound and complete copy of the masterwork of this American artist at auction. The 435 plates fetched $5.6 million from a private collector. The artist had mentioned visiting the Athenaeum in 1840.

Q3: Prior to its occupation of the building at 251 Benefit Street, the Athenaeum was the Providence Library Company. It was founded in 1753, making it the fourth oldest library in the United States. An early member was this Rhode Island governor and signer of the Declaration of Independence.







A1: Edgar Allan Poe
A2: John James Audubon

A3: Stephen Hopkins