Motif Spoken Awards 2023 – A Rhody After Dark Special

Welcome to Motif Magazine’s first ever Spoken Awards! Jay Walker brings Rhody After Dark to celebrate Rhode Island’s love of all the spoken crafts and arts. Check out this brief recap of the festivities.

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Hosted by: Jay Walker
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Motif Tattoo Awards 2022 – A Rhody After Dark Special

Welcome to Motif Magazine’s Music Awards! This year Jade Axel & Amadeus Finlay bring Rhody After Dark to celebrate the most creative in ink art. Check out this brief recap of the festivities.

Special Thanks to Narragansett Brewery for hosting & Sponsoring, and to our other sponsors: R1 Indoor Karting, Jerry’s Artarama, Tattoo Medics, & Rockstar Piercing, for making it all possible.

Hosted by: Jade Axel & Amadeus Finlay (@amadeus_finlay)
Video Shot & Edited By: Shawn Tetrault (@overlook.film)

Motif Music Awards 2022 – A Rhody After Dark Special

Welcome to Motif Magazine’s Music Awards! This year Jay Walker & Elizabeth Woodie bring you back to the Rhody After Dark series with the 2022 Motif Music Awards post show. A night of fun and entertainment with some of Rhode Island’s most talented musicians, featuring interviews with the winners and more.

Special Thanks to Fete Music Hall for hosting & Sponsoring, and to our other sponsors: R1 Indoor Karting, The Music Wagon, & Biggest Little Easy Catering for making it all possible.

Hosted by: Jay Walker & Elizabeth Woodie
Video Shot & Edited By: Shawn Tetrault (@overlook.film)
Additional Video by: Jack Downey & Elizabeth Woodie

Motif Bartender’s Awards 2022 – A Rhody After Dark Special

Welcome to Motif Magazine’s first ever Bartender’s Awards! This year Jay Walker & Elizabeth Woodie bring Rhody After Dark to celebrate the Rhode Island’s love of Bartenders and their craft. Check out this brief recap of the festivities.

Special Thanks to R1 Indoor Karting for hosting & Sponsoring, NAZO Labs, & The Dust Ruffles for performing, and to our other sponsors: Arielle Extreme, Craft Coillective, Trinity Beer Garden, Guiness, High Spirits Liquors, The Burito Bowl, Smoke Lab, DB Productions, Rhodium, Mancini Beverage, & Narragansett Brewery for making it all possible.

Hosted by: Jay Walker & Elizabeth Woodie Video
Shot by: Shawn Tetrault (@overlook.film) & Deven Bussey (@dasdeven)
Edited By: Shawn Tetrault (@overlook.film)

Election Day Eclipse: Can the stars eclipse Election Day drama?

For the first time in United States history there is a total Lunar eclipse on election day. This is a Full Moon event with the Sun in Scorpio opposing Moon in Taurus. As would be expected, the horoscope set in Washington, DC reflects the intense energy surrounding this election.

The Sun, in the first house, sits between Mercury and Venus. Across the Zodiac, in the seventh house sits Moon flanked by Uranus and the Moon’s North Node. (The North Node is the point along the ecliptic where the Moon crosses from south to north.) Think of a dumbbell with Scorpio on one side and Taurus on the other.

In the fourth house, ninety degrees from the Sun/Moon axis, sits Saturn in Aquarius turning that dumbbell into a rather large T. In astrology this is called a T-square and is an aspect of great tension.

In the astrology of the collective (Mundane Astrology), the first house rules the country, its inhabitants, the general condition, and psychology of the masses. The Sun represents the President. Coincidently, the current President is a Scorpio. Mercury is the voice of the people, and rules youth and the media. Venus rules women, diplomacy, arts, culture, and money.

The seventh house represents open enemies, foreign affairs, and the conditions of women. The Moon here further emphasizes women as well as water and public needs. Uranus here, tightly bound to the Moon and Sun rules Congress and the House of Representative. Ruling progressive movements, Uranus prods us into the future.

The fourth house is the foundation, ruling land, housing and living conditions. Saturn represents the conservative side of society and opposition to the ruling party. Saturn likes law and order and can indicate a lack or need. Societal constructs and institutional boundaries belong to Saturn.

Scorpio is all about sex, death, debt, taxes, and insurance. Banks, money, and agriculture belong to Taurus and Aquarius, ruling technology, also speaking for the group upholding high ideals of freedom and brotherhood. The principles represented by all these signs and planets reflect the ongoing issues of concern during this election season.

With Uranus in the mix, pay no heed to the polls and the pundits. Uranus says, “If you can think of it, that is not it,” whatever that is. A Uranus event is like the plane to the tower, but in this instance, it is more like red state Kansas supporting abortion rights or Alaskans voting in an Indigenous woman over the red, white and blue Sarah Palin.

Uranus in hard and harsh aspect to Saturn symbolizes the clash between the liberal and conservative elements in society. The first house emphasis favors grass-roots opinions and initiatives. The Moon, though eclipsed, is strong, highlighting women and their concerns. Roe V Wade comes to mind and is prominent, but Taurus speaks to security issues, agriculture and the economy.

Here in the United States, we focus on our own country forgetting that the issues we face are global issues. Obviously, an eclipse is a global event and every head of state in the world, at this eclipse, has Uranus, the sudden and unexpected, opposing the Sun, the chief, the top dog and CEO.

In the final analysis, this election is up for grabs. The media picks and chooses what issues it wants to present and would have you believe that it is all one side or the other when, in reality it is more of a blend. The strong Scorpio energy at this eclipse indicates the underground and undercurrent in society. Abortion, guns, climate and the economy are gut-level issues. And Mercury, the voter, in Scorpio, votes from the gut. The big surprise that Uranus has in store may be what really lies beneath the surface. The media and all the internet blather fall away inside the voting booth. So, whether this election is going to be historical or hysterical, vote, because it is surely going to be interesting.

Lunar Notes: April 2022

April promises to be a tumultuous month. As the month begins, Mars and Saturn stir the pot. Use energy wisely here. Jupiter and Neptune get into the act and we can only hope that the spiritual side is activated. Otherwise, it is all fog and mirrors. The month ends with a Solar Eclipse. Change is in the air. 

Aries: The New Moon in Aries signals change for you. Conversations with loved ones assist you when you are making plans. Your ruler, Mars, meets Saturn head-on in your house of friends, hopes and wishes. This could bring arguments with friends or some sound advice from an older and wiser colleague.

Taurus: Surprise and disruption continue to upset your routine. An authority figure or someone connected with your public life plays the heavy and causes some very public disagreements. In the middle of all this you have visions of a brighter future. Practical Taurus meets up with some mystical folk and listens to them.

Gemini: You begin to make some concrete plans for your post-pandemic future: a career move or a change in attitude when dealing with the higher-ups in your life. A long-distance trip may have to be put on hold. You keep busy with friends, loved ones and social groups you belong to. The Full Moon brings some fun times your way. 

Cancer: You become quite adept at juggling home and career, switching from the public to the private with ease. Making plans with friends for a local excursion or a long-distance trip brings new people and interests your way. An expected cash influx is delayed. This may throw a monkey wrench into your plans. 

Leo: Conversations with significant others bring up money concerns. Some of these conversations turn into arguments and there does not seem to be any reasoning with some people. Do your best to remain calm and logical. A shocking surprise comes your way from someone in your circle. The Full Moon promises to be busy for you. 

Virgo: You interact with a lot of different people during this period. Lots of conversations going on, some very pleasant, others not so pleasant. Taxes, insurance or some other tangled-up money issue requires clear thinking and reading the fine print. You’re good at that. Don’t overwork or overdo on any front. Maintain careful use of your energy.

Libra: These days it seems like you are “here” and everyone else is “over there.” No matter, you have to deal with the people in your life, whether near and dear or simply casual acquaintances. Some serious issues need discussion. A passion of yours may need to be put on hold. Remember, delays only postpone. Stay on course.

Scorpio: All the activities that bring you joy are on the table this month. You may have to deal with some serious issues on the home front before you can enjoy. Be sure to take care of business in a timely manner or else it will come back and bite you. You get creative and mystical and put insights gained to practical use.

Sagittarius: Your movements around town are restricted in some way. A car breakdown, road construction or a transit strike make for some clever maneuvers on your part. This does not upset you as much as it normally would, as you are able to work from home, and during this time you are quite willing to party on the home front.

Capricorn: With Pluto’s long sojourn through your sign you have been adjusting and readjusting your life’s foundation and those things you hold most dear. Your practical self has had some surprises and you are taking a new look at all the mystical stuff. You’re very creative and now is the time to innovate on a grand scale.

Aquarius: A busy month is in store for you. Be careful not to scatter your energies as circumstances will have you running here and there. Stay focused. Keep an eye on the budget as you’re tempted by the beautiful and expensive. Unexpected snafus with appliances and electronics blow a hole in that budget.

Pisces: Beneath the surface you are thinking about money, finances and things you hold dear. Deep thoughts. No one sees that. On the surface you initiate, are active and pleasant, attracting people and social events that keep you busy. Disruptions in your daily commute or routine require flexibility as you need to adjust. 

Winter in the Stars: Keep track of all your favorite heavenly bodies this season

At the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2021, the wheel of the year turns, ushering in the dark, cold winter months. A horoscope cast for the moment the Sun enters Tropical Capricorn sets the tone for the upcoming season. What pops out to the astrologer’s eye in this season’s chart is retrograde Venus in Capricorn snuggling up to big, bad Pluto. Both are opposed by Moon in Cancer. Pluto, with a 248-year cycle, was last in Capricorn during the American Revolution. With a “birth” chart of July 4, 1776, the USA is set to experience its first Pluto return in February 2022. This configuration in the Solstice chart sits on the USA’s natal Pluto and has great significance. We have felt Pluto’s influence throughout the last decade and will do so well into the next. Society changes when Pluto moves into play and it often takes years after the fact to figure out exactly what happened. Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until 2023. 

In the short term, Venus, ruler of love and money, retrograde in Capricorn speaks to women in positions of power: bankers, brokers, the financially and politically powerful. When retrograde Venus joins the Sun on January 9, it is a potent moment and a time to plant Venusian seeds. Manifestation of our desires and our ability to communicate receive an assist from the practical nature of Capricorn. 

The Moon represents home, the nurturing parent, and in world affairs, the people of a nation. In a configuration with the USA’s natal Mercury, we can expect the voice of the people to be heard. In Cancer, emotions will sometimes outweigh logic.

The New Moon in Capricorn on January 2, 2022 signals a time for the collective to sober up and get down to business. Jupiter’s move into Pisces at the end of December does not offer much hope in the realm of sobriety. With a 12-year cycle, Jupiter changing signs is a significant shift in the energies. While Jupiter is in Pisces, we often feel we have a direct line to the divine. This is all well and good, but this combination often produces the proverbial rose-colored glasses. It is important to see what is really happening, not what we wish to happen. Mercury, ruler of our thought processes, has moved into Aquarius at this time. Mercury likes it here. Ideas, intellect and logic are the perfect antidote to jumbo Jupiter rolling around in the misty, murky realm of Pisces. 

The Full Moon on Jan 17 across the Cancer/Capricorn axis kicks up the dust in the USA chart. An echo from the time of the Solstice hits the airwaves. Mercury retrograde warns us not to believe without questioning. Check it all out, wait until the dust settles before making any decisions. During Mercury retrograde periods it pays to be flexible. Schedules go awry, delays occur for weird reasons, snafus and snags rule the day.

The New Moon in February in Aquarius brings a clash between the cautious and the reckless. Mercury, turning direct on the 4th brings some clarity to any situations we find ourselves in. Something different and unusual is on the horizon. Could be weather related or simply some shocking news that results in a public outcry. 

At Full Moon time on February 16, Venus and Mars are cuddling up in Capricorn. Venus rules love, money and our desires. Mars rules our actions and our sex drive. This combo is not looking for a one-night fling. The energy favors a long-term relationship. Capricorn constructs may be slow to start but they are built to last. The sex will be just fine, Capricorn is an earth sign and gets into those earthly activities. 

The Pisces New Moon on March 2 sets the stage for the month. We can expect some real zingers on the national and international front. There are so many potent and prevalent energies in this chart that it is difficult to pinpoint. Health, courts and legal issues, broken faith and contracts are among the many issues that face us. Events that occur now may have far reaching effects that we may not be aware of in the near future. On a personal level, relationships move to the forefront. Be wary of issues of power and control in any relationship. Ideally a relationship should be among equals. Everybody has a voice and should be heard.

The season closes out with the Full Moon on March 18. Venus and Mars are still running together. Now they have moved into Aquarius where relationships have a different feel to them. Unlike sober Capricorn, Aquarius is always ready for a walk on the wild side. In Aquarius, first and foremost is friendship. If a relationship moves into the kissy-huggy kind, all well and good. But they always start out as friends. And if it doesn’t last, they remain friends. Not a bad deal.

This season we will feel some subterranean rumblings. There’re big changes afoot. We may not be aware of the significance of events as they occur. As the season rocks and rolls along it is wise to remember what is in your control and what is not. The trick is to recognize the difference. Saturn, ruler of the winter season, governs what you can see, feel and touch. Dealing with concrete realities is the order of the day. And don’t forget the promise of Spring. 

Lunar Notes: December 2021

December opens with a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Eclipses portend change. Mercury and Mars change signs on the 13th. Venus in Capricorn goes retrograde on the 19th and at month end Jupiter enters Pisces. These events bring shifting energies and perspectives. Actions, desires and ideas are mixed and matched. Make ready for the New Year. 

Aries: You get philosophical as the year closes out. Your belief system comes under scrutiny as you look for truth and meaning in your life. Your search raises questions, an older, wiser friend or acquaintance provides a solid sounding board for your ideas and musings. Helpful females enter. It’s all business and life’s direction at this point.

Taurus: You take a walk on the wild side finding excitement and a certain fulfillment delving into the forbidden and taboo. This may have something to do with your upbringing; a desire to break free from childhood restrictions motivates you. Money enters the picture: mine, yours, theirs. Whose money is it?

Gemini: The Solar Eclipse on the 4th opposes you. Relationships become the focal point for conversations, actions and reactions. You dig beneath the surface searching for motives and the true intentions of those around you. Those probing conversations reveal a great deal and bring to the surface undercurrents in some relationships.

Cancer: You explore the relationship between the body and the mind, and how physical health often depends on mental health. The result is, you feel better about yourself. Your working relationships, work space and daily routine improve from your inner search. Your goals in life shift as you become more confident.

Leo: You no longer want to play the game of acting in certain ways so as not to rock the boat. You express your authentic self, revealing your truth. You are not confrontational but behave in a joyful, playful manner. Relationships remain on an even keel. You and your co-workers converse, create and keep the ball rolling.

Virgo: Usually of a practical nature you experience some of the unexplainable.  Dreams, hunches and premonitions occur frequently. You like the facts, plain and simple and you are not comfortable with this type of phenomena. Relax into it and follow these mysterious prompts. Keep your eyes open and maintain your practicality. 

Libra: You think, perceive and exchange ideas, and get very excited when you engage in stimulating conversation. Your universe expands through your new ideas and research into the esoteric. On a lighter side, entertaining and revising décor on the home front relaxes you. A relationship hovers between commitment and to heck with it. 

Scorpio: As year end approaches practical matters occupy your thoughts and actions. You get your “ducks in a row” before the year turns. Your possessions, what to keep and what to dump move to the forefront as you do your year-end purge. Some lively and interesting conversations bring some sparkle into your life.

Sagittarius: December’s Solar Eclipse on the 4th signals change in your life. Your inner thoughts and feelings surface and play a role in these changes. Outside events color your decisions. What is important to you? Time to sort through your physical, mental and emotional “stuff” and dump what does not serve you any longer.

Capricorn: As usual, you say and do with less and create more. While active and talkative you develop new ideas and modes of being in silence and in solitude. This isolation works for you at this time. When you do take action be sure to gauge what the reaction will be. You could misjudge in that area. Be true to yourself. 

Aquarius: You’re a one-person community action program these days. You make change within and you want to make change without. Plans for the future, shifting goals and priorities are all part of these changes. You manage to incorporate some fun and games into your schedule doing those things that bring you joy.

Pisces: You get a sense that you are being “called” to do something. This may be life changing and earth shattering or a simple, slight altering of your direction at this time. You receive recognition for a job well done. Home and career, the public you and the private you become a balancing act with you as the master juggler. 

Stars With Shirley: October 2021

Look to the Stars with Motif‘s Shirley Prisco, bringing you your astrological horoscope for October 2021.

Motif Food Truck & Drink Awards 2021: A Rhody After Dark Special

This year Amadeus Finlay & Bradley VanDerStad bring Rhody After Dark to to celebrate the best in local Food trucks and Brewing companies. Check out a night of good food, good fun, and tasty beers!

Special Thanks to R1 Indoor Karting Entertainment Center for hosting & Sponsoring, and to our other sponsors: Jerry’s Artarama, Barnaby Castle, PVD Food Truck Events, & Blackstone Valley Brewing Supplies, for making it all possible.

Featuring delicious dishes from: Friskie Fries, Poppy’s Waffles, Championship Melt, Atomic Blonde Ice Cream, Baby’s Bonetown BBQ, Haven Brothers, and others. -As well as- Handcrafted brews from: 12 Guns Brewing, Sowam’s Cider Works Company, Beer On Earth, Buttonwoods Brewery, and more!

Hosted by Amadeus Finlay & Bradley VanDerStad.