Election Day Eclipse: Can the stars eclipse Election Day drama?

For the first time in United States history there is a total Lunar eclipse on election day. This is a Full Moon event with the Sun in Scorpio opposing Moon in Taurus. As would be expected, the horoscope set in Washington, DC reflects the intense energy surrounding this election.

The Sun, in the first house, sits between Mercury and Venus. Across the Zodiac, in the seventh house sits Moon flanked by Uranus and the Moon’s North Node. (The North Node is the point along the ecliptic where the Moon crosses from south to north.) Think of a dumbbell with Scorpio on one side and Taurus on the other.


In the fourth house, ninety degrees from the Sun/Moon axis, sits Saturn in Aquarius turning that dumbbell into a rather large T. In astrology this is called a T-square and is an aspect of great tension.

In the astrology of the collective (Mundane Astrology), the first house rules the country, its inhabitants, the general condition, and psychology of the masses. The Sun represents the President. Coincidently, the current President is a Scorpio. Mercury is the voice of the people, and rules youth and the media. Venus rules women, diplomacy, arts, culture, and money.

The seventh house represents open enemies, foreign affairs, and the conditions of women. The Moon here further emphasizes women as well as water and public needs. Uranus here, tightly bound to the Moon and Sun rules Congress and the House of Representative. Ruling progressive movements, Uranus prods us into the future.

The fourth house is the foundation, ruling land, housing and living conditions. Saturn represents the conservative side of society and opposition to the ruling party. Saturn likes law and order and can indicate a lack or need. Societal constructs and institutional boundaries belong to Saturn.

Scorpio is all about sex, death, debt, taxes, and insurance. Banks, money, and agriculture belong to Taurus and Aquarius, ruling technology, also speaking for the group upholding high ideals of freedom and brotherhood. The principles represented by all these signs and planets reflect the ongoing issues of concern during this election season.

With Uranus in the mix, pay no heed to the polls and the pundits. Uranus says, “If you can think of it, that is not it,” whatever that is. A Uranus event is like the plane to the tower, but in this instance, it is more like red state Kansas supporting abortion rights or Alaskans voting in an Indigenous woman over the red, white and blue Sarah Palin.

Uranus in hard and harsh aspect to Saturn symbolizes the clash between the liberal and conservative elements in society. The first house emphasis favors grass-roots opinions and initiatives. The Moon, though eclipsed, is strong, highlighting women and their concerns. Roe V Wade comes to mind and is prominent, but Taurus speaks to security issues, agriculture and the economy.

Here in the United States, we focus on our own country forgetting that the issues we face are global issues. Obviously, an eclipse is a global event and every head of state in the world, at this eclipse, has Uranus, the sudden and unexpected, opposing the Sun, the chief, the top dog and CEO.

In the final analysis, this election is up for grabs. The media picks and chooses what issues it wants to present and would have you believe that it is all one side or the other when, in reality it is more of a blend. The strong Scorpio energy at this eclipse indicates the underground and undercurrent in society. Abortion, guns, climate and the economy are gut-level issues. And Mercury, the voter, in Scorpio, votes from the gut. The big surprise that Uranus has in store may be what really lies beneath the surface. The media and all the internet blather fall away inside the voting booth. So, whether this election is going to be historical or hysterical, vote, because it is surely going to be interesting.