Rhody After Dark

Motif Bartender’s Awards 2022 – A Rhody After Dark Special

Welcome to Motif Magazine’s first ever Bartender’s Awards! This year Jay Walker & Elizabeth Woodie bring Rhody After Dark to celebrate the Rhode Island’s love of Bartenders and their craft. Check out this brief recap of the festivities.

Special Thanks to R1 Indoor Karting for hosting & Sponsoring, NAZO Labs, & The Dust Ruffles for performing, and to our other sponsors: Arielle Extreme, Craft Coillective, Trinity Beer Garden, Guiness, High Spirits Liquors, The Burito Bowl, Smoke Lab, DB Productions, Rhodium, Mancini Beverage, & Narragansett Brewery for making it all possible.

Hosted by: Jay Walker & Elizabeth Woodie Video
Shot by: Shawn Tetrault (@overlook.film) & Deven Bussey (@dasdeven)
Edited By: Shawn Tetrault (@overlook.film)